Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy Day?

 Slow in some spots and busy little bee in others. Doing house work , dishes,  laundry , making beds and such. I do have a washing machine and dryer.  I do have a dishwasher.  And i only have one bed to make ; so why do things take so long. It must be me ,  wanting to get to the fun part of sewing.  However my car needed a little attention today also. My husband had the fuse it needed for the cruise control.  We did have to make a trip out for the bulb for my license plate.   So I would like to show and share with you Block #5 for my stitch therapy group that I finished.

I also prepared the pieces for Henrietta whiskers block # 9.  I placed them down and hopefully tonight I can begin sewing them down. 

I also promised a friend I would try and make her some yo yo's.  I hope you all have a fun and productive weekend.  Delight in each breath you take.  martha

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