Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling a Bit Under theWeather

Had our meeting of Kansas Troubles at one of the local quilt shops today. It was inspiring  and soul searching. By soul searching I find out more about myself  and my likes and dislikes.  Today's patterns are being streamlined to keep more people (young and old )  in the sewing loop , which is good in one respect.  But I find I value more of the traditional ways and visual pleasures of quilting. Not that I am an expert at them by any means.  However I do take pleasure in the effects of traditioal ways of doing things.  An example would be I like hand applique , does not mean I am any good at it .  But I appreciate it!  I am also of  a mind set the more one does of a thing the better you get.  In hopes that theory is true in its heart ,  I am trying , even though sometimes it defintely is not perfect.  So that being said here are two of the next JUST TAKES 2  blocks.

Feeling a little under the weather I did not get much else done , I even baked pizza for supper and took a nap.  So much for today , will try harder tomorrow.  Keep stitching on! martha



Martha--I am so with you--
I love the 'older' ways to do things too--I only hand quilt--so that does mean I always have a large pile of ufo's waiting there turn as I do loving the new tops faster than I can hand quilt them--and I do the applique--will even do the newest Dresden plate blocks bom by hand applique them to the background blocks!!I think the only really new thing I do love is the rotary cutter--and that is because I can not cut a straight line with scissors at all!!!!
Happy sewing--
Hugs, Di

cq4fun said...

I think those look wonderful! Some people are process oriented and some are product oriented. I think a lot of people will come to appreciate the quiet contemplation that goes along with things like hand applique and embroidery in time. When you are a young mom, sometimes done is better than time taken, and some people will never enjoy that process. And that's okay. I love hand work, personally, always have, but I love that I have more time for it now, too. I agree. The more you do, the better you will become. I see nothing wrong with what you are doing now, though. =)

kayla said...

I like your blog :)