Monday, April 30, 2012

Silhouette Challenge

Edyta Sitar gave approximately 100 sewers a sampling of her silhouettes  and told them there were no rules make something and send her a picture by May 1st.  I was one of those people. Below you  will find a pictorial of my project and fantasy flowers.  I do not usually free motion quilt but decided to tackle this also.

This is my small table topper. I did a blanket stitch around appliques. I used a varigated thread on most. The center is free motion quilted with m's and e's.  The outside border has two wavy lines following the outside border.  Hope you like the eye candy. All for now ,off to work.  Martha

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Promise is a Promise

I told you last post we would talk about fabric next. So here I am with some pretty pics of my recent purchases while on vacation!  The first is a pic of fabric in "Cotton Club" line.

This fabric and the next I plan to use in borders , both inner and outer.  The next photo is from "Civil War Anthem" by Barbara Brackman.

The next photo is of Judy Rothermal print and I purchased it because I really like the birds on it.

I also purchased a charm pack and a layer cake of Lisa Bonegan's  "Seasonal Gatherings".  Loved the fact they had birds , or candy canes or poinsettias , or holly leaves and branches on them.

My last photo is of my Raspberry Rabbit block that is ready to stitch now. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I am playing catch-up now with my  sewing as you might have guessed.  Hopefully I will be able to share my Edyta Sitar project with you in a couple days. Enjoy each and every day! martha

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home Again, Jigitity jig!

I have made it back safe and sound with new experiences and of course new fabrics. Also new kisses and hugs from grand daughters (grand son was away at school) .  We will have to wait until later to see him as he is going abroad this summer! Congrats and be safe!! 
I also went to  eat and view Paula Deen's new restaurant inside Harrah's Casino. Don't gamble but my daughter is a fan and so is my sister and they have been to other restaurants of hers and her sons and love their cooking.  Either the casino did a poor take on her cooking or I was expecting too much.  I was not at all impressed! Not even with the decor. The food I found was bland ,middle of the road stuff. The staff was slow and not helpful and the place was not busy at all!!
On my visit to na friend of my daughters and did a little sewing for her. She also graciously showed me her little studio where she does scrap booking. Really neat! and organized!!

My son also made us some cupcakes with fun in the middle which was something new we tried.  They were good!  More later about fabric!!  Talk to you later,martha

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We have a Winner!!

Kathy Osterby is our winner !!  Congrats Kathy and thank you for your comment,  "I love your version of prairie points and will have to try them next. "  As I will be leaving to visit my kids I will be off - line for a bit.   Peace be with you in spirit and mind.  Martha

Saturday, April 14, 2012

99th Post

This is my 99th post  and I have decided to have a give-a-way to celebrate the event. All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog by Monday April 16th  , noon central time. Then we will choose a random number and a  winner.  Give-a-way what you say???  Well these!!!
Terry Atkinson pattern, and Sherri Falls Notecard and Embroidery pattern
Nancy Zieman Book ( I met her about 25 years ago in her home town at a sew - in she was sponsering.  We were at the same table for dinner and style show. Very congenial and nice person.)

Medium Bag
Below are the projects that I have finished concerning my two color prairie points.
Large Bag

This is the mug rug I finished binding  today.

I also have a table runner to put together tomorrow and quilt and bind.
Please remember to leave a comment and will announce winner Monday ,April 16th.  Thank you all, Martha

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aurifil BOM

Sending you a pic of the Aurifil BOM for April. 

I will be leaving for a short trip back home next week. and I should have my 100th post about then.  I am planning to have a small give-a-way for that event in my blogging life.  Be watchful ! You don't want to miss it.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Version

I have another version of PP (prairie points) for you today.  Still two-color but with a bit of piping( Did I spell that right?)   Sew two strips together as before with 1/4 " seam just place a piece of piping in between.

Cut strip into appropriate length (as given on directions  on tool package).

I want the deep pink to be main color, so I therefore cut off 1/4 " so that light pink will roll over when folded and ironed in half.

Then you are ready to use the tool and  a hot iron and Best Press to make your prairie points.

Get four of the and put in your hand bag pattern,  For one side and it will look like this.

For the piping  I used a very small drapery cord for inside and I also cut down 1/4 " seam allowance just before folding in half ,so as to reduce bulk. 

If you look to the right hand side of my blog you will find a Label Headline, and under it are topics that I have blogged about in depth on how to do.  A friend of my and fellow blogger ( Wanda) of  Showed me how to do.  Thank you again Wanda.

All for now , sew straight live long!  Martha

Monday, April 9, 2012

More Practise

Yes I need more practise and a few more samples to be made so you can see and experience of creative designing with prairie points!! Did not think I could get out that whole sentence. 

Starting from two fabrics sewn together with 1/4 " seam and seam pressed open and flat.  Apply any tear-a-way water soluable stabilizer to back. of strip. (There are several out there) Mine came  in sheets of 9 x 12 .  I cut them 1 1/2 " wide so that I might only use them where I need it.

Next I chose  a stitch on my machine That I thought did not have too many stitches in a small area  (no satin stitch) .  I then sewed down the middle  so that some stitching would be on both sides , in an emboidery thread that matches or contrasts.

Tear off excess stabilizer .  Spray with Best Press   and cut off  1/4 " on the main color side. Then iron in half and make a prairie point as show in yesterday's post.

These use a couple of different stitches.

 I laid down three evenly spaced on this mug rug  and then placed two in between.  Now I must bind it as I have placed iron on batting on back and have sewn around to hold all three layers together with the backing. I did sew a decorative stitch (that I used on prairie point)  on side  , running along base of prairie points.  All for now, martha

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Prairie Pointer

I have to brush up on my making of two color prairie points for a demo I will be doing the first week in May. Please bear with me as I use you as my audience and work out my speal.

I will be demoing Susan Cleaveland's Prairie Pointer! It is a cool tool that I like to use.

Keep in mind this tool does not come with a ribbon in punched out circle ,however she does advise putting one there to pull out tool from under iron.  It does get hot!!

The cardboard insert does have directions inside to help you follow up and with design ideas.

I picked out two fabrics and cut them each 2 1/2 " wide , I choose this width by the chart given.  I know from experience that  I will get a 2" wide prairie point.  The chart says I will get a 2 1/4" one , but I do something a little different that makes things easier for me.  You will be using a 1/4" seam allowance and sewing them together (only one side).

You will then iron them with seam going to one side.  Once that is accomplished refer to chart on inner cardboard again and it tells me to cut length to 5" .  I can get  8  blocks from width of fabric strip or 8 prairie points.

Now here is where I am different than her directions, I cut 1/4 from the side of the material that is to be my main color of my prairie point.  You will see why in a moment.  I wait until I have my strip cut into blocks so that I may get two different prairie points from one strip.  By cutting the one side down 1/4 " when you fold them in half one side automatically rolls over and waa laaa! you get two colors.
Once you have them folded in half ; take them to the ironing board and plce the tool in middle of rectangle of fabric and fold over sides to meet center line on tool.  Then heat with iron and use Best Press or starch diluted.

On the white prairie points I  cut the white fabric shorter so the black would show a little. On the black prairie points I cut the black fabric shorter so the white fabric would peek out .  these are from same strip.   Otherwise if I followed her directions it would be two-color but only one color showing from either side.    Any questions?  talk to you later, martha.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

Do not forget to get your second block pattern from Heartspun Quilts , Pam Buda's blog. It is stunning and the second out of a six week block of the week.  Here is a pic of mine.

I also finished my fourth block of Moments of Provence.

I am wishing  you all an enjoyable Easter. He is risen!!

Sincerely , Martha