Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing Around

Today I took the time to play. To play at quilting, most of  you know I usually take my quilts to the quilter.  I have been setting my small quilts aside for a little play time.  If you don't try ,  you won't do! My  little mourning quilt which is no bigger than 20 x 20 ; is a part of that trying to learn to free motion quilt.
Thought I would try out my new notion the Steady Betty. You put them on your hands and they are supposed to help you grip onto your quilt and  to move it around as you quilt. Save your money and buy some thread instead.
Pebbles and Stones

Small circles or pebbles and stones on the backround fabric.

Going to do something different in borders and blocks themselves.

I also had time to make something for organizing the sewing room too! It sits under my sewing machine and has pockets in front so that I can keep essential tools handy.

Chit chat with you later,have a good day! Martha

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Frog Quilter said...

You are so right. If you don't practice you can't advance and get better. You are doing very well with your lovely projects. Keep going!