Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Good Sewing Day

Our third snow this month!  We do not accumulate , just cold.  We have only had one trick or treater in five years.  However I imagine other areas have more of an abundance ;  bundling up this year will probably not be an option.

Still working on hexies!  Thought I would show you some of my progress.

Unfortunately it looks like more than it is. It is only a little over 100 hexies, but I am one third of the way there.  I need 297 to be exact. Once you start one ,you are done in a wink of the eye! Mindless telly sewing.  I have also started another wool project , You will be seeing a little of it in the next few weeks.

Got pieces cut and ready to put on backround.  Gotta go and do a little housework before doing the fun stuff. Laundry! UGH! Chit Chat later,Martha

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Binding We Will Go

Saturday was a day of errands after my Kansas Troubles class. But good errands!  My friend Connie brought my Kim Diehl , small quilt to club as she got it quilted on her long arm the night before.

Mary  Hammer , to whom I had given my Pam Buda , Prairie Women's Sewing Circle , small quilt to quilt  and my Buck Block quilt from this summer ; gave me a call  to tell me that I could pick them both up.  Which I was happy to do!  Mr. Sew What decided to ride along for the outing.  That meant a stop at the used book store on the way ,  for Mr. Sew What.  I went to visit the thrift store that had opened in the old spot of the book store next door.  

My Pam Buda from Prairie Women's Sewing Circle I .

Buck Block Quilt

The back had every scrap I had left from the front of the quilt. Also sewed in label to backing fabric so that label is quilted in.

These are gift pouches from a pattern by Terri Atkinson.

They make a nice presentation for gift cards or small but precious items.   Well with a needle and thread , off I go to make more hexes!  We'll chit chat later, Martha.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quilts In The Barn: Quilts, Quilts, More Quilts!! And a giveaway!

Quilts In The Barn: Quilts, Quilts, More Quilts!! And a giveaway! Run don't walk to this link!!!   You will love all the red and white quilts!

Finished  my small wall hanging.

Starting a few hexeies in civil war fabric . Need 297 of them.  

Enjoy your day as I am off to my Kansas Troubles Meeting.  Martha

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fall weather has certainly arrived! Mother Nature threw a party and all the leaves came to play.  HALLOWEEN  will soon be here.  I have been trying to get into the spirit of Autumn. Trying my hand with two small wall hangings from the September/ October issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine.

This is the first one, that is quilted and bound. Still has some frillies to be attached! I used a straw colored cosmos thread and soaked it in starch and wound it around a plastic straw to dry.

Did a few of those and I am supposed to attach them and put on some buttons.
I will show you that when I finish. This was given to the magazine by Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches Designs.

I have also started a small  wall hanging from the same magazine and same issue by Lori Smith. It is a small 12" quilt.

Hope you like the little peep show I am giving you. Will show you more later. Martha

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I feel like a newbie today, learning how to sew all over again!  I bought a new machine last saturday. I am really liking the scissor cutting the thread when ever you press the button. Love the built in walking foot , but must get used to threading of the machine and the fact the bobbin is put in the opposite way every other sewing machine I have ever had!  I am sure I will overcome  as soon as I can practise some.  So I quilted and bound my Temecula Quilt Co.'s little quilt from this summer.   I have much more handwork today than sewing. I have a beginner wool applique class to teach at the end of the month and am trying to get ready for. Hope they don't mind the beginner teacher they are getting too!

Let's chit chat later,Martha.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mystery Quilt

Our Kansas Trouble group meets in about 10 days. I thought I would get out my mystery blocks and directions so that I might put together the four corners of the quilt. We are coming to an end with only three more meetings left. So here is a peek of the four corners of the Mystery quilt by Sherri Falls.

I also got back my Pam Buda mystery quilt from my friend Connie who quilted it for me. Pam Buda has done 2 small mystery quilts this year and this is the last one.

Enjoy your evening, will talk a little more later, Martha

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Am Not Ready!

I definitely was not ready for what hit us on saturday!  There had been such nice fall weather and such beautiful sunshine!  But when I awoke and looked out on  the deck see what I found.......

 I had traveled out Friday to a quilt show in Walker , MN.  It was small but lots of fun..  Saw a few demos and a sewing machine demo and a few vendors were there. A few quilts from 1900 to 1950 and now!

 Today I dug out my Witch's Boot quilt and hung it up. I think I need to take it out and refold more often from the looks of it.

A closer look at the boot for you.

Are you doing a little Halloween decorating your self?   Big news a little later! Martha

Monday, October 1, 2012

Does Absense Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

Might just make you forget about them. Oh well, been busy,been working. Every now and then you have to do something with Mr. Sew and keep him happy. Sometimes every day chores get pushed aside and you have to catch up!

I finished Pam Buda's blocks and decided to add a border to it.  I then took it to a friend and asked her to quilt it for me. So here it is unfinished.
I got my Remembrance quilt back from the quilter's and it was done in a meander so that the pictures would be able to be seen. I bound it in a crackle red fabric.

Here is a pic of the back. 

I would also like to give you a couple of pics of my special quilt label done with thread sketching and the sewing machine.

Feed dogs down ,  black thread in upper and lower , fabric in hoop with drawn pic on wash-a-way stabilizer. I used a linen to sew on.  Haven't sewn it down yet.

I work four days this week so might not chit chat to much, but take care and get to your sewing machine. It is cheaper than a docter! Martha