Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Last Minute

Yes I am still sewing away. I am getting closer to my goal. To day I finished seven pillowcases! 

The doggie pillowcases are for the three girls getting the doll clothes.  

The blue and white ones are for my grandson who goes to University of Kentucky, that is his school colors.  And last but not least are the two roses and hearts pillowcases for his girlfriend that we will be meeting.

I finished the three wool signs also.  Instead of useing batting in between the layers, I used Bosal interfacing double sided fusible. It is stiffer and gives more body to the small wall hangings! I only have two hangers at the moment but will try and remedy that tomorrow or Monday. Now I will give you a looksey....

 After all this I think I might have time for the girls to have one more dress.  Maybe a wrap dress! Chit chat later,Martha.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Few More

I finished my little peasant dresses!  Maybe it is wicked of me but I am useing all the fat quarters that I truely wonder why I purchased them.  At least it gets them out of my stash.  

I have heard there may be a blizzard next week.  I am hoping the weather is not that bad for our trip to Illinois. Wanting to see the kids for the holidays.  Both the old ones and the young ones!! Chit chat more later,Martha.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wardrobe Expansion

Started working from this book now...

This is an excellent book well worth the investment. The only draw back that I see is if you don't want to cut up your book you must copy pattern pieces. Not that big of a deal. I keep them in a plastic ziploc bag inside my book, when I store them.

There is a great deal of variety that can be made from this book.The directions are excellent and are time saving. Three cute little sundresses with pockets and bows in front.  Next on my list are three little peasant dresses. Chatter later, Martha

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three For The Road

I used this pattern today and made 3 little dresses.

 I really like the pattern  It is very well written and quite fast to put together.

First came this one ....

With orange ric rac... then came this one....

This one has a peachy pink ric rac.

Last but not least is this one....

This had red ric rac.  I mention the ric rac because a friend of mine gave me a bunch of different ric rac colors because she just loves to challenge me to use it.  All that is needed on this dresses are buttons on the front as decoration.  I have started on three more from a book which I will show you tomorrow.  Chit chat later, Martha.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What I Should be Doing

What I should be doing and what I am now doing are two different things. Right now I should be wrapping the presents I have already made or boughten.  I should also be on high road and doing my American doll clothes. But no, what am I doing, procrastinating!!! I should be picking out small bright prints for those cuties. I should be cutting the patterns out by now!  This is what I have been doing,although cute.

This is one of three little quilt signs with wool
, to hang on the wall.

They all have a Santa hat on them and I was looking for something to make them more 3D .  I was looking through my stash and found 2 yards of this trim which I probably have been saving for twenty years. I think it will do the trick. 

Kim Diehl also gave a free little pattern out and I have that ready to sew also. Did not do the appliques out of cotton, did them in wool too!

A little embroidery will go on here too!  I think my  expectations are a little to high , but we will see.
Chit chat later,Martha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Finish

Contrary Wife from Pam Buda is finished !  I did decide to put the acorns on the four corners. So I am sharing a few pictures with you.

Now to start all those American girl doll clothes!  I have three grand daughters and they all have them! On the bright side , they are not barbies. My eyes could not take that. So I am off to the sewing room, chatter at you later, Martha.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Last night my world changed into a winter wonderland for Christmas. I took pics from my back and front doors , so that you without snow may enjoy also!

front door view

back door view

I finished construction on "Contrary Wife" quilt.  The first pic is with just the small inner border that finishes off the small stars.

The next pic is of the larger outside border that finishes off the quilt.

close up of fabrics

I found a quilting pattern of an acorn in a magazine.  I always save them even though I don't do much quilting myself. They can be used as embroidery patterns or wool patterns. I am thinking of putting  an acorn on each corner. Enjoy your day, chit chat later,Martha.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Gift

Kaaren Johnston  from  has given blogland one of the prettiest Christmas presents that I have seen lately.  If you go to her blog she has a small quilt pattern for you called "Twas The Night before Christmas" .  You will love it, If you love redwork and Christmas!! Scurry on over!  

I am still working on my hexies as you can see here....

I am presently adding row four.
Got the last of my Christmas shopping done! Doing the happy dance today! Martha

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not Exactly Christmas Sewing

I haven't got to the Christmas sewing yet.  Even though I do have some American girl doll clothes to get ready for Santa.

I did finish an origami bag for carrying hexie components, scissors and thread in. It is a pattern by Pam Buda. By the way she is starting a new sew-a-long on Friday , January 4th and going for six weeks. 

In the inside there are two fold-like  pockets. The hexies sew on the front was an embellishment that I choose to do.  The purse itself is made with two fat quarters and some ribbon for the closure.  Cool , huh!

I still have two borders to finish on the quilt that I am working on. One small 2 1/2 " border to finish out the sashing stars and one larger border. I thought I would show you a picture anyway.

Been doing some Christmas shopping. I made some fudge the other day, first time in about 20 years.  I am looking forward to visiting my kids for the holidays, and my friends. I have a friend that wants me to do a tutorial on hexes for her. So that will be in the works too. Chit chat later, Martha