Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Using Up Leftovers

There was leftover wool from a quilt I recently made; so I decided to use some of it in a pincushion design. As I have another beginning wool class coming up, I needed to get going on it.  The golden yellow seemed to lend itself to a flower to me .So that is what I designed. Hope you like it.

I learned something new with this post, that all my pics (as they are put on my blog) are saved in a special place and the space eventually fills and must be deleted to create more storage.  I thought they were just taken from my sd disk.  I am no computer geek, but I am learning more.  Martha

Monday, November 26, 2012


Sorry about the mix up the blog hop for wool and handwork starts off with Tara Darr today not Lisa Bongean. She can be found at  . It is a cute penny rug with a snowman.  Martha

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Just a few notes for your calendar. is starting a new quilt-a-long in January of the new year.  They always have some cute patterns for us! is having a blog hop for her new book. It runs from Nov. 26 thru Dec.10th.  So many interesting  quilters that it is sure to be fun!!

For the hand sewing and wool lovers , there will be a blog hop with Lisa bongean starting it off tomorrow! It is every monday, wednesday , and friday until December 21st.

Will talk more a little bit later,Martha

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am progressing on the quilt from my last post.

From just this one done.

To about 1/2 blocks needed.

It spells winter with a snowflake on the end.

Still working on the "y" and frosty.

I put these rings on the back to help hang them.  They are both from this book.

If you get a chance go to  and visit yesterday's post  with Kim Diehl. She gives two patterns free! One is called "Candydish " and the other has a cute snowman in the center.

Also if you get a chance to go to  look up the November 15th entry and see her hand applique quilt, which she calls the courting quilt. It is also one of the twelve finalists of Morton masterpiece contest and can be found here .  Please go and look at all the quilts and give a vote to the one you choose.  I will chit chat a little later, Martha

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Beginnings

I have started a new quilt and have at the moment only one block finished with its sashing squares.

More to come on this one. I do have the pieces cut though, which sometimes is the most tedious part of it.  The center red star fabric has a fall feel to it, as it has brown leaves it in.  I am contemplating putting black wool crows on border or perhaps acorns and oak leaves in two of the outside corners.  That is a long way off so we will see later.

I am getting a little bored with these hexes although I am almost finished making them; I still have to put them all together.  I need a hand project that I can switch off to. So I started on today and got it already for tonight.

It has been layered with backing and batting and has been quilted down. Wool is attached and waiting to be sewn down tonight.  This is the first time a pattern had me do the layering and quilting first. And then attach wool. Usually the other way around. 

Have been doing a little Christmas shopping lately. How about you?   Chit chat a little more later, Martha.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is a priviledge

It is a previledge to be able to vote.  As women , we were not born with that right, cherish it , exercise it. Make sure you get out today and vote.  A little finish here to show you.

The reels are made of gold wool.  The quilt finishes a little smaller than a yard square.

Chit chat with ya later, Martha

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Working Ahead

The projects I am working on now are for Christmas and  next year.  As many of you do also , to try to  keep ahead of the game.   I have now filled two of my three containers with hexies. WAA HOO!!

Next pic is of a Christmas project from a magazine. However in the magazine the center was a baby's picture. I choose to use some clipart off the computer for my center. I then choose to use Christmas fabrics for the dresden plate backround. I believe the magazine was " Quilts and More" , the last one published.  

As you can see I did a little Big stitch quilting around the plate. I also put some ric rac around center circle. I enjoyed  putting stripey binding around it.

I also finished my four wool blocks and now I can do the sashing stars and borders today, I hope.

  Tonight while I watch "Boardwalk Empire" I can work on hexies again. 
I am thankful we were not in the path of Hurricane Sandi, but we must remember to include those who were, in our thoughts and prayers. They are not out of the woods yet.
We'll talk later,martha.