Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Couple Of Finishes

Just a couple of finishes to show you.....

Got my table topper back and bound from the book "Elegant Quilts" by the Quilted Crow Girls.

This is my label on the back.

This is " Virginia's Star Quilt" by Lori Smith.

Just need to iron it one last time. Now the next pic is my scrap leftovers from my strip set for my "Science Fair" quilt from Jaybird quilts.  I just cannot make myself throw the pieces out. so I sewed them together and will keep saving leftovers to use in another small quilt or table topper.

What do you think? Chit chat later, Martha.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Half Square Triangles

I prefer not to cut a square diagonally and sew two triangles together to make a square. I do not like those small points entering my sewing foot space or my feed dogs. Especially when I have to make 112 of them. 

I prefer Jo Morton's method of cutting squares, marking two diagonal corners and sewing on each diagonal 1/4 " away from drawn line on both sides.

Once all four lines have been sewn then comes time to cut! First cut a horizontel and vertical cross on your square.

Then cut on your drawn lines that are diagonal.

You now have eight half square triangles. You must now trim them to the size you wish. To do that I use My Eleanor Burns half triangle square up ruler! Love this ruler!! You leave square folded flat do not press yet. You will trim al sides at once , so coooool!

I needed a three inch half triangle block so I put ruler with 3" marking on the seam line and cut both sides!

Until I had a pile like this. Sweet! As my grandson would say, or is the correct wording "That's Sick!"  Sometimes I really do not understand their slang. It is ready to press open now. The formula that I use to figure out what size square to cut is 2 A (A being size of block when finished,mine was three) plus half of an inch (Mine would be 2(3  !/2 ") = 7 "  So I used a 7 inch square to make eight half square triangles. Now I only have an eighth to trim off if you want a bigger leeway in trimming add more than a half of an inch.

I also finished another diamond!

Another peek at Virginia's star quilt...

I have got to get back to work, chit chat later! Martha.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Diamond Here , A Diamond There

Yes I have finished another diamond and have taken a pic for your viewing .....

I have also finished some more sawtooth stars....
I am hoping to finish this quilt by next wednesday by immersing myself in  the sewing room!  We will see how far I can get.

Since we had such bad weather at our last meeting of Prairie Women , I thought I might backtract a wee bit and talk a little more about hexes. Yeah like you can stop me! HA HA!!! 

We are getting some remarkable new teachers at our store and one that took place last week was " The Lone Star"  by Bev Wignes. I just had too much on my plate right now to take the class, but maybe next time.

Will chit chat a little more later, Martha.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hexagon Crazy?

I may have gone hexagon crazy!  Or maybe I have just become a Hexagonocologist!  Is that a word? 

I have finished another hexie diamond.

We have precut packages of moda hexagons at the store that I work at. They are forty to a pack. I took some home to see what I could do with  them , besides just making hexies with cardboard templates. Mine were of thirties design.  

Then I decided to add a wool applique to it.  The colors popped so springy and lighthearted that it needed something springy to compliment it.

I am by no means an artist so this is my best attempt at a bunny.I just have to do the stitching on it before Prairie Women's club. After all the snow we have been having I need something bright and cheery!

Our Quilting Guild is sewing a quilt for a raffle for next year.I volunteered to do a block and have finished it.

It will be a house quilt and will also have some applique on borders when finished. Chit chat with you all later, Martha.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still Snowing!

Yes it is supposed to snow five more inches tonight into tomorrow. I am really looking forward to Spring , but it might not get here until May!

I finished my one hand project and gave it to the quilter last week. I really enjoyed working with the wool. The pattern is from "Elegant Quilts" by the Quilted Crow girls. It is done on flannel.

It is only 26 1/2 " square.

At the last session of Prairie Women I showed this extra dresden block that I had and had placed a hexagon instead of a circle.  I am going to make a placemat out of it and donate to our guild's  meals on wheels project. 
I also have two hexagon quilts in progress, but have not worked much with them lately.

At night I have been doing some more hexies.....
Kind of scrappy, have also started four more.
Will work on these some more while watching"Vikings" series and "The Apprentise".  These hexies were left over from my " Prairie Women" hexie quilt that is at the quilters.

Today was spent sewing on a special project for the store so I am just gonna give you a little peek .
sawtooth stars
Enjoy your day all! Happy St.Patrick's Day! Sorry no green here!Martha

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This Is Minnesota!


Snow or no snow , we Minnesotans just keep on going! The Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle, Journey III, met yesterday.Despite snowy roads , we enjoyed our meeting and visiting.  What I found interesting was the fact that those from out of town came and the only in town person was myself! 


Dawn Leitsch brought in this beauty made from leftovers from another quilt!



We meet in the classroom at the shop I work in.

I also promised that since my hexie quilt was at the quilters and I could not show it, I would post a pic of it on my blog.  We discussed making hexies and did some practice ones. So here is the pic….


Roads are clear now and were by 5 p.m. yesterday. Has done a little melting. Chatter at you later, Martha.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Snow Ahead!

Tonight we are expecting the possibility of  7 to 10 inches of snow tonight. Good sewing weather.

I got the rest of my variable stars done and now I can start the sawtooth stars.
I have a large hexie quilt called science fair started; with only a couple of rows put together. I am going to show this and the ruler called Hex and More ,tomorrow.  The ruler and pattern are by “ Jaybird quilts “  Julie Herman.

This is going to be a king size bed quilt for my son for Christmas. 

Edyta Sitar showed on her blog how to take a hexagon folded in half to make a prairie point.

Fold over one third…
Then fold over the last third and there is your prairie point. 

I had some hexies left over from my scrap quilt and decided to make a scrap diamond project ,maybe a table runner or bed runner. Anyway it will be an on going project.

Hoping the snow never comes I will say goodnight, Martha.