Friday, May 31, 2013

Walk of Shame - Don't Be Startled !

Do not be startled at what you may now see.....

These are just pics of my sewing room before I cleaned it up. It is now been re-organized and picked up! I am sure we all get a little unruly and busy at times. Or am I the only one?  Well now for some pics  much less scarey...

Still have some card making supplies oh the second book shelf.

Civil War is folded and stacked by color. 

Just a few scraps to cut up and store away now.
Just need to get my books in order now. Chit chat later, Martha.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Up to?

I have cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room. Yes it has taken five days! Still a little bit more to do, then I will share before and after pics. At night while watching tv I have been working on my hexie quilt. Got a few more put on...

Two different views.

I also have been practicing my satin stitch applique, which I have not done since my kids were teenagers.  So here is what I have accomplished so far. Only partly done on the satin stitch.

I am thinking of adding  a bar of fabric on the right side of honeycomb. What do you think I need a second opinion, give me a little help.

What do you think....... should I put it down permanently? Bee waitin for your thoughts. Martha.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something New

We all should step out of our boxes of comfort , once in a while,  and challenge ourselves with something new.  That is what I did today and enjoyed myself while doing it!   I took a bag making class today and finished it. With only one major frog stitching session( seam ripper).  Below you will find pics of bags and other participants  of the class.

This is the bag I made for the women holding it!

The black and white bag is hers.

It was a very enjoyable way to spend a day. We will visit more later, Martha.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Still On The Hexie Bandwagon

Yes , I am still playing with hexies.  I am also enjoying every minute of it!  Thought I would show how far I have gotten on a design of my own.

It will be wall hanging size when finished , for me about 55 x 55.  It will also have  a distinct border  around it all.

 I am also in the process of binding this Japanese Taupe table runner from the book Runners Rock  by Gathering Friends.  This one is called  Interface .

Hopefully I will have time to finish Binding it  today.We are scheduled for light rains for the next four days, I am tickled pink because it means no snow! Chit chat a little more later, Martha.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I am getting close to 60 years of age and I am coming to the conclusion there are many things one cannot avoid doing in life. One of them ,at least for me is making a tee shirt quilt! Below are a couple of pics of my grandson's quilt ,  which just today,  I finished binding and sent off in the post.

I have reconciled myself that I am just going down the same path that Fons and Porter, Eleanor Burns and other not so famous quilter's  have walked down. Doesn't mean I went there willingly , I don't want to travel this way again , either.  Fons , Porter and Burns are on their own now!  Chit chat later, Martha.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Time

 I received my 30's bunny quilt ,with hexies of course, from Nancy Gervais the day after I got back from Kentucky. I have finally got it bound and ready to show you. There is a surprize in it for both you and me  . There are bunnies quilted in some of the hexies! So creative! Nancy went the extra mile! I put a wool bunny on the quilt because bunnies were in many of the pre-cut hexies. She took it a step farther, so cute. See if you can find one too! Enjoy all the pics.

Remember to click on pics if you want to enlarge them. Happy Mother's Day, Martha.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

We had our group meeting yesterday . One in morning and one in afternoon.  I really enjoy the members and love seeing their  projects and accomplishments.  They are such a fun group to be with!

This is Bunny Witt  with a quilt her mother started and she finished.

Sharon Jacobson showed her project with hand applique from our first handout. She hand quilted it too!

Karen Martin showed this small quilt from Temecula Quilt Co. and

a Schnibbles small quilt called  " Hat Trick".

Mary shared one of her family heirlooms with us also! She is also making one  herself and progressing quite well. Love these hexes!

Dawn Lietsch showed us her table runner and quilt from one of  Kim Diehl's books which she also hand appliqued!
These ladies are so very talented and they all share not only their  beautiful projects ,  but also their knowledge .  It is a pleasure to be around them all. Chit chat later,Martha.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

There and Back Again

This is a pic of my hubby and grandson in his apartment. Mr. Sew What is holding a quart jar of Moonshine which he received for his birthday from our  grandson.  I was told he had to go to a very shady part of town for this.

The energizer bunny waved goodbye to Minnesota after a 1 1/2 year stay and said hello to Sandwich, Illinois!

This is a part of Mumaw clan's heritage and quirky game playing. This bunny has been from coast to coast and taken a turn at visiting aunts , cousins ,uncles and siblings. If you are reading this son he is in your laundry room closet!

This is part of my grandson's desk.  My grandpa's last name was Cash.  Ever since  Eric was a teen he has loved all of Johnny Cash's music.

The day before graduation we took some pics and many more the day of graduation. Just thought I would share some with you.

Will chatter more later, must start the laundry now. Martha.