Thursday, October 3, 2013

Few Finishes

I finished a few runners an table toppers, so they are not just flimsys any more.

I did a little shopping at Northern Lights Casino today while walking thru the quilt show there. Found some wool and flannel and embroidery thread ,that came home with me.

I  took pics of some favorite quilts at the quilt show but will have to show you next time with some fall shots also.

This beauty goes on top of an ornament and was made by Bunny Witt and given to me last tuesday! I can hardly wait to see it adorn my tree this year.  Thank you so much Bunny for the lovely gift and your thoughtfulness! She made this with her embroidery machine, it almost looks like tatting.

I will chatter with you later, Martha.

1 comment:

Raewyn said...

Good on you with the lovely finishes, so nice to reduce that flimsy pile! Yummy purchases at the show too. The little ornament does look beautiful - and you are right, it's hard to believe it's not 'real' lace!