Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the Love of Yo Yo's !

I took a pic of a new project this morning to show you the size of my next project . I needed to put it in perspective for you, so I used my thumbnail in the pic also. It is sooooo  cute!  So here is a sneak peek!

This is quilted and bound and ready for the last meeting of Prairie Women's Sewing Circle. The last quilt is being quilted as we speak. This will make a nice ending to Prairie Women's Sewing Circle! I also have two of Pam Buda's patterns for door prizes.

During my travels this week , I went to two more stores that had the row by row free patterns! Love different interpretations of each store!  Check it out online " Row By Row Eperience ". It is going on now all over the United States and lasts until September 2! Martha.

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