Monday, September 28, 2015

Now To Put It Together

I have finished the last block in "Sassy" and now there are like three borders (on the small side). First I must  sew the sashing strips on and then sew blocks together.

I really like this one! I also completed Block #12 that was given to us on Sunday nite. I am doing two sets, one in 30's prints and the other in Cherrywood fabric.

Mr. Sewwhat is making a noodle board for my daughter. We are going home to visit soon.  For those of you that do not know what a noodle board is, it sits on top of your stove and provides more counter space for working. (AKA-making noodles) But I think hers is going to be for hiding stove and more on the decorative side.

There are two handles on the sides, so you are able to lift off of stove more easily.

He is giving it some sort of aged and distressed look. Chit chat later, Martha.

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