Thursday, April 20, 2017

From Flimsy to Finish

Got a few things back and have put bindings on and labels.

This is the table topper for my son and a label pic is next.

This is a small piece done by a friend who passed away. For me it was a way to remember her and appreciate her work. That is why this x-stitch is special.

This is a wall hanging also going to my son.

It is very important to label things so that when you are gone people (and your kids) can tell who made it . It also is a record that you were here and left something for prosperity.

This is my welcome wall hanging , it is in my hallway. All three patterns are from Sew Kind of Wonderful 
and use the Quick Curve Ruler.

I have a new quilt started and have a start on the  first row...

Tula Pink and Jaybird combined!!! Chit chat later, Martha.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April Showers

Today we are having a light drizzle outside, good for flowers and bushes. However tomorrow we are in for a light snow, or so the weatherman says.  Good variety of weather, also a good variety of projects to show you. First up are my table topper and wall hanging of Sew Kind of Wonderful pumpkins, they are a flimsy and off to the quilter's.

Wall hanging

I added the border on the top as a header, otherwise they are pretty much the same.

table topper has 3 more orange pumpkins.

This bunny is from Kathy Schmitz monthly embroidery block group , which I am a member of.  I am a little behind because I think this is February's.

This next one is a freebie from the Internet, not sure from whom, much too long ago to remember, sorry.

Just have to do the words " sewing machine".  I have also started a new project with a jelly roll of Tula Pink and a Jaybird pattern. I will give you a better picture and idea of the pattern next time....

Chatter more at a later time, thanks friends for stopping by, Martha.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Showing Progress

I have made some progress since the last time we talked. I finished the flimsy for my grandson's wedding quilt....

I took it to my quilter and we picked out a couple of patterns. She was so thoughtful that she did a practice sample for me as a preview to view.  It ended up being 105" x 105" . I found a blue  backing. And I asked her to quilt it with a blue thread.

I then put together a pumpkin quilt , pattern by Sew Kind Of Wonderful.   I used their quick curve ruler(QCR).

I love it so much that I am now making another but with more orange pumpkins.

I have also been doing some embroidery but I will have to catch you up on that later, Martha.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sent a Few More Packages Off

I sent a package off to my mom with four tea towels inside. With Easter around the corner I put rabbits on them.  A small gift for her and her three sisters for their monthly tea party.

Hope they like them.

I sent my daughter two small wall hangings and something to hang them up. First one is for christmas...

And the second is for Saint Patrick's day. I believe I showed you last time we got together...

Now I must get back to my hand quilting. Chit chat later, Martha.

Saturday, March 4, 2017


I have been sewing on my grandson's weddding quilt and wish to share the first three rows. I have a total of seven to sew.

I have sent my grand daughters a holder for their mini Ipads and ear buds and such.

I also got back my son's quilt back from the quilter's and bound it and sent it to him.

I have done some applique....

I had my applique class and made this sample for them. The hearts and both inward and outward points. And the shamrock also had a bias stem. I shared 3 ways to make bias.

I also made my mother some mug rugs for her tea party.

I am presently working on some stitchery, but will have to show you another time. Chatter with you later, Martha.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Gloria

Dear Gloria , this post is just for you. I just don't seem to have the desire to do any posting. I still have a passion for sewing. I went on a retreat in January, my first, and did finish a quilt for my son for his birthday.

It is at the quilter's at the moment. And I am stitching down the wool letters on another top I finished there....

 This one is done with the Quick Curve Ruler. Such good directions!

I have also done some embroidery ...

I have been doing some English Paper Piecing... This is for a block in one of Jen Kingwell's quilts...

I have made my mother 4 mug rugs for her and her 3 sisters tea party....

I have also done some work with wool...

 I also made 4 pillowcases to match my son's quilt, but I have already sent those ahead. I have already started a quilt for my grandson's wedding this September. Half way done with it but cannot show it. Don't want to spoil surprise. Gloria you were kind enough to share that your  anticipation awaits each day and now I hope your thirst has been quenched, Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts and checking up on me. Yours in friendship, Martha. 
P.S. Happy birthday Daniel!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Been A Little Busy

Sew Wonderful gave us two Christmas patterns to try this season, both of which are free on their blog. I decided to try the ornament pattern with my mini QCR .

I enjoyed seeing it come together and think I will make a couple more and make a table runner. I also had been working on the quilt from the cover of Betsy Chutchian's book "Classic and Heirloom Quilts.

Connie Krueger quilted it for me, so I got the binding on it right away. It is lap size 45 1/2" by 58 1/2". 

This is a pic of back . Four left over blocks and fabric leftover from fat quarters. Also included leftover red Cherrywood I used for binding and accent blocks. 

I wasn't very energetic this year and only put up small pre-lit tree.

I made a couple of star wars pillowcases for my grandson and sent them and a couple of ornaments for his tree.

I made this small spool wall hanging, I really love this fabric.

I did get my Christmas quilt hung up. The creche, star, sheep , Shepherd and angel are wool applique. The trees are Cherrywood fabric bundle. The excess blocks are on the back.

Thanks for stopping by, talk with you later. Martha.