Monday, September 1, 2014

Gotta Start

Just a quick post letting you know I have a start on it. Retreat isn't until Friday for me, might have it done by then and to the quilter's.

A couple of more borders should do it.  I think I will bring my applique projects to retreat, that way no lugging a machine. Must remember to pack iron and board. Chatter later, Martha.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sew a Longs

I have just finished the third part to Primitive gatherings Anniversay Sew-a-long. I am content in waiting for part four....

I have the satin stitch on the boob block.

I also have Jeni from the Woolen Willow's stitch along finished.
She gave out two blocks with first installment.

Now I can start cutting the pieces for my granddaughter's quilt. She recently had her room painted and she picked out the fabrics. Now to finish it before she is 18!

No worries right! LOL,  I do have a retreat next week to attend. We will see what I can get done, Martha.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This and That

I made four blocks for the block exchange with our guild. Two of each size.....

I have my breast cancer block laid out and ironed down. I still need to put decorative stitching down.

Kinda cute!

As you can see from this pile of fluff I have been squaring off some half square triangles...

About 214 half square triangles left over from the last two projects. A lot of foldy triangles there, too many for me to just pitch. So once trimmed I started sewing them into rows....

Then started to sew rows together  and putting a little more fabric with it.....

iron seams open

Ready to add a little wool, quilt with a back and bind. Will give you a peek when done. I am so glad I did not throw those away! Take care and chatter with you later,Martha.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

School Shopping

I am almost 60 and I still love August and school shopping! I have already purchased two packs of crayons and a pencil sharpener. I am still on the look out for a good compass, have yet to even find a bad one....

I guess I still have a little time.

With all this rain , things are kind of getting out of hand  as far as the pond situation in our back and side yards.  We now have a duck swimming pond in our back yard. I went out this morning to take a pic of them swimming and unfortunately scared them away.  My husband  Mr. Sew what says there is a goose out there also because he saw the poop out there. When I asked how he could tell a duck's poop from a goose's poop ,all he said was I have seen it before! Is he pulling my leg?

The last time I visited my kids , my darling daughter gave me a quilt to mend, that has been hers since she was 7-9yrs old. So the quilt is at least thirty years old and was used as tug of war with both animal and brother! I gave it a new back and batting and asked a very kind hearted quilter if she would give it new life. I finished the binding last night and mailed it off today, it was a queen size trip around the world quilt.

I also put in hot pink bottom sheet and two pillowcases.

This is the new backing,definitely not 1984.  All for now ,I have got to get back to looking for that compass, Martha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kim Diehl Finishes

I have some pics of small quilts that finish off at 28 1/2" square. Both are primarily the same except for the inner 12 1/2 ". One has an applique center and the other is totally half square triangles. Both are made from "Vintage Farmhouse " line of fabric designed by Kim Diehl. Have a look....

These quilts are made with a lot of foldy corners,  so now thrifty person I am, I have a bag of around 200 half square triangles that need to be squared off......

I am thinking a table runner, after all it is a freebie! We'll see, chatter with you later, Martha.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pressing Onward

Starting a new Kim Diehl project with a little applique center medallion! I started by tracing and cutting out my shapes from wash away paper.  I then ironed them to the wrong side of the fabric and cut them out leaving  about an 1/8th " around to bring to the back so that I could glue it down with Fons and Porter glue stick, as you see below. I also have my stems which I cut 3/4" on the bias and ironed in thirds to achieve the smaller version of the stem I prefer.

Then came time for placement,which she does not give a layout for. Direction was given to iron fabric in half one way then unfold and iron the other way in half. From that point you were to eyeball it ,remembering to keep at least 1/4 " away from sides for seams. I used Roxanne's glue to baste my pieces in place. I am going to hand  sew them down, which is my preference.

So the next couple of evenings I will be busy with this as handwork.

I found this and drank it! Are you looking for your name?

Have you found it yet?

I forgot to show you a finished picture of "Laundry Day", pattern is by Kim Diehl.  Chit chat later,Martha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kitchen Tux

I finished Kim Diehl's Idaho Lily small quilt and thought I would show you that first....

That is Edyta Sitar's new book in the left hand side of the pic. It is called   "Handful of Scraps".

I am decorating a kitchen towel , which is black and white with a red gathered band that is reminiscent of the ruffled shirt from a 1970 Tuxedo!  (Remember Seinfeld's episode of the ruffled pirate shirt? I don't want a pirate shirt!) Back to my kitchen towel....

First I needed two wof strips, then A seam needs to be sewn down (right sides together )length of each strip.... the seams are ironed open.  Then each strip is turned right sides out. Ironed flat with seam in the middle of the back.

I mark the path of my ruffled strip with my frixon pen (disappears when Ironed) in preparation for laying down two rows.

The strip can be gathered by two running stitches lengthened, running side by side and pulling threads to gather. Most of the time I usually have one or more break. So I use gimp cord and wind one end around a pin so as not to pull it out. I zig zag it down the middle not hitting it with my needle to the seam side of the strip. The gimp cord is very strong and is extremely hard to break.It is used as stabilizing in  buttonholes ,for instance,in coats and finely tailored blouses and shirts.

Then I gather it up until it is the same length as the width of my towel and then I pin it down on the previous marked line.

I then sew it down the middle with a short stitch turning under each beginning and end.

My tuxedo towel...

After unwrapping gimp cord from the pin , once towel is sewn down, you may just pull gimp out. I don't bother pulling out my zig zag , I just am careful of color of thread I choose to sew with.  Chit chat later, Martha.