Friday, October 2, 2015

Top Finished!

Before I put the last border on I had asked Mr. Sewwhat if he would consent to hold it for me. 

These pics are taken when quilt is 72" square. I added a 10" border all around with green corner stones in the corners. It is now 91"square. I must now find a backing I like. The next pics are with the border sewn on and on my bed to make sure there is enough hangover to please.....

As you can see I already have electric blanket on the bed! Forty degree nights.  I like it and am satisfied. Chatter later, Martha.  This is my first Kaffe Fasset quilt.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sorry For Leaving You Clueless

I blogged last time showing you blocks #12 and did not explain what they were about and for! I am joining the Farmer's Wife 1930's.  I am making it in two colorways!  One in 1930's fabric and one in Cherrywood hand dyed fabric. So I will show you all the blocks that have been given so far....

These are #12 Becky.

#16 Bonnie

#8 Aunt

So for the next few weeks there will be 2 blocks given. I have been able to rotary cut  these few blocks. There are over 3600 people following this sew a long, see the badge at the side of this blog. Chit chat later. Martha.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Now To Put It Together

I have finished the last block in "Sassy" and now there are like three borders (on the small side). First I must  sew the sashing strips on and then sew blocks together.

I really like this one! I also completed Block #12 that was given to us on Sunday nite. I am doing two sets, one in 30's prints and the other in Cherrywood fabric.

Mr. Sewwhat is making a noodle board for my daughter. We are going home to visit soon.  For those of you that do not know what a noodle board is, it sits on top of your stove and provides more counter space for working. (AKA-making noodles) But I think hers is going to be for hiding stove and more on the decorative side.

There are two handles on the sides, so you are able to lift off of stove more easily.

He is giving it some sort of aged and distressed look. Chit chat later, Martha.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two Down and One To Go

Mr.Sewwhat and myself went to the Chainsaw Festival in Hackensack , MN. This is the first one we have attended. I will share some pics with you. These are carvings made with a chainsaw....

Now I have two more Sassy blocks to show you.

I have one more block to make before I can start to put them together, chit chat later,Martha.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sassy Block #6

Block #6 is finished, now only three left to do.

I finished up my wool mat also and put a backing on it too!

It looks black but it is a dark blue backing.

We also had our applique group  meeting with all the blocks taken by members for our charity quilt.

Paula Murray and Ann Manly each took a block.

Kathy Potter took one block. She was working on a Sue Spargo bird block.

She has a lovely work satchel which she decorated the top of....

Sharon Linders came and she took two blocks. She was working on her Buttermilk Basin sew a-long blocks....

Elly Knold took a block and worked on it while there.

Merrily Mondo was in and out so fast I did not get to take a picture of her but she took two blocks.  Unfortunately she had a funeral to go to. Chit chat with you later,Martha.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Working On

I went to working on my quilt "Sassy " with Kaffe Fasset fabrics. I ha been working on this while hand stitching my "Wooly Critters quilt"

wooly critters

These are three  of the blocks for"Sassy".

So I have four blocks left to finish with the borders.

I also made two microwave bowl holders...

 I kept one and sent the other to my mother along with the pattern because she had not seen one before. Tomorrow we have our applique group at"Colorz Quilt Shop".  I will try and remember to take my camera and take you a few pics.  Martha.