Friday, October 24, 2014

Part !! Quilt Pics

 I have more pics to show , hope you enjoy these....

These pics were the inside of one of the vendors booths.

I have just a few more left to show you tomorrow , until then Martha.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quilts !

There were so many quilts at Santa Clara , and I did not even get to see them all. Heaven!

Made with Kaffe Fasset.

These were raffle quilts!
This was covered in crystals!


I will show some more tomorrow, Martha.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back From California and The Pacific International Quilt Fest

I did take a few pics and I might have to spread them out a bit.  I have never been to California   or the quilt fest before, but I  enjoyed my short stay and had a wonderful learning experience!  My traveling companion was a very patient and able teacher . She was quite remarkable and talented in handling every situation that came up. Her name is Dorothy and she treated me to quite an experience!

Five or six lanes of traffic and mountains in the distantce of silicone valley!

Palm trees and manicured gardens everywhere.

Surfs up! Waves at least six feet up  along the bay near San Francisco.

There was a guy out there wind surfing, 

Golden Gate Bridge

Quite a beautiful bridge!

Alcatraz Island

View of San Francisco from bridge.
The new Levi stadium for the forty niners football team.
Another view of stadium.
I will show more pics of quilts in next post , next week is the Houston market.  Glad to be home for that.Take care ,  I'll chatter with you later, Martha.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well I have a pic of my letter "K" for you

I am really liking this, I love all the color! I have finished the last block Jeni from the woolen willow gave us and have it trimmed for you to see.....

I am headed out early Tuesday morning to Santa Clara , California for the Pacific Rim Quilt Festival and I will be gone for about a week. Hope to take a few pics to share with you. Chatter later, Martha.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

J Stands Alone

  Temecula sent out the directions for the letter J and so I have a pic for you!

Jeni from the Woolen Willow also sent out a new block today. I have it down on the background but will applique it while I am watching tv tonight. Here is the pic so far....

I also have a few pics of the show and tell from the "Simple Whatnots Club " held yesterday!Woo Hoo!

These two charmers were brought in by Colleen Both.

Lorna finished her yo yo's!

Bunny Witt has been busy with "Triangle Frenzy " table runners!

Gail Temple finished her small "WiddleTinks" qu
Linda Johnson made a Kim Diehl  applique quilt!

Georgia was working on the binding for this cute quilt!

This Widdletinks was done in wool by Judy Shaw!

Sharon was showing her Widdletinks made with antique buttons in the middle centers! She told us she cleaned them up with baking soda.

Paula Murray brought in some of her Dear Jane blocks, they were georgous.  We were treated to some peanut butter and oatmeal bars from one of Kim Diehl's recipes. They were very good! Chatter with you later,Martha.