Saturday, June 23, 2018

Another Sew-A-Long

I finished with the last step to the "Square Dance" and decided I didn't like it. I think I would have liked it if I had made each half rectangle the same light fabric . Because then the stars would be more visible. 

I am going to save it to put on the back of some other quilt. I thought I had plenty of sew-a-longs, but have decided to jump in on the Blockheads II . So I have caught up on the first 3 blocks of the quilt which comes out on Wednesdays.

They are doing blocks of all sizes, so it ought to be interesting. Like many of you I am getting tired of waiting on Thimblecreek for their finish setting instructions. Hopefully they will be up this Tuesday as promised! I do have plenty of other things to keep me busy, chatter later, Martha.

Friday, June 15, 2018

A Friday Finish--Sort of

I got the call this morning that my quilt was finished. I went this afternoon to pick it up and took some pics to share with you. I am going to bind it in the same fabric I used on the backing.

I had asked for a small meander and that is how she quilted it. After I had given this to the quilter, I had started another quilt  with small squares of a man's shirts mixed in with my scraps. Since the shirts were all tee shirts and knits, I will use the bulk of them sewn together and with interfacing to form the back of this one. On this second one the wings are a light grey grunge. It is going to be a little smaller, perhaps a couch quilt length. Here are progressive pictures of its making.

Now just have to add on to the sides! Tomorrow  is 3rd Saturday Quilt Group and I am bringing Keto Butter Cookies! Since I was in a baking mode , I made 16 Keto chocolate  donuts.  Anyone else trying the Keto  lifestyle? Chatter later Martha.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mostly Third Saturday

I have mostly been working on third Saturday blocks. I have managed to sneak in the two step eight blocks from Thimblecreek mystery.

                            As always one blue and one green. And now for my third Saturday blocks.

The hugs and kisses block was added to the checkerboard and enclosed star block previously made earlier. The flying geese block was added to a new set of three blocks.

I didn't know which picture would give you a better view.

Still no clue as to how all these blocks are put together. Chatter later, Martha.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Back From Trip

Hubby and I took a trip to see the oldest granddaughter graduate from high school.  She won awards for Music and Choral. This is what she will major in and minor in computer graphics. We also got to visit with her brother and new wife while there. (Our only grandson) Afterwards we traveled a little further to visit our son and his family. He got to show us his new home. He had only been there about a week. We also got a tour of the area also. We eventually came home to laundry and garden....

Got caught up on my " Square Dance"  table topper from  My Carolina Home  blog.

                            Got a few rows done on one side.

                       Then got a few more on the other side.

                                   This is the backing fabric.  It was taken to the quilter before our trip. It will be another two weeks before finished.

This is my green block #7 for Tricks No Treats, from Thimblecreek. Next is block #7 in blue.

Since block #8 directions have been given out already,  I will be working on that this week. Chatter later,Martha.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Working On It

Working on my angel wings, slowly but surely  building up to a finish.

                              Adding another feather row......

Adding more rows on top....

More rows added to the bottom. Now I need to add to the sides.  I love getting rid of all those scraps, but there is always more left.  Chatter with you later, Martha.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank You Melody!

Thank you Melody for coming to my rescue! Melody let me know where to find my angel wings pattern (Even though I am 3/4 done with my present version). "Stash Statement", a book by Kelly Young, has it as a bonus pattern. She also has a blog, "My Quilt Infatuation", check it out sometime. Thanks again Melody!

Now a few pics of my progress.....

                                     Chatter later, Martha.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Getting Older

I hate getting older and it truly is not for sissies. I saw a quilt that I would have loved to make. Unfortunately I did not write down the name , nor the website I saw it on. I deleted my trash before I could look for it thru there also. I would love to give the designer credit, but can't remember her name either. Oh well, bummer. You could put a baby on it and take a pic of your little angel! You could embroider someones name and date of meeting thier maker.  I decided to try and duplicate what I remember with graph paper.  I tried my best . I have gotten a small portion put together using small mini charms and  random leftover charm squares cut in fourths. 

I am so upset with myself because one of my granddaughters  asked if I would make a quilt for one of her friends who lost her dad. She said she would give me some of the  shirts later this month when I go there to visit. I thought this would be a nice pattern for this occasion.  It is a quilt with angel wings on it.  I have begun work on it , following my rough drawing......

This is all I have for now. It is on my portable design board. A tri-fold board covered with batting. Fused on with wonder under or heat'n bond. I thought this would be good practice.  I'll be chatting with you more later, Martha.