Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ducks in A Row

These are the baby ducks born this past spring in our back yard. They are busy eating as much as they can in preparation for the  fall flight out.  

I have been busy making four blocks for my guild's block exchange.

We were all given fabric for the middle square and four small cornerstones (Star material). She is going to give this quilt (when done) to Quilts of Valor.

I have gotten back the last two quilts "Hopscotch" from Rebecca Anakkala, who quilted them. I have them bound and ready to hang.

I also have the fourth installment of Jeni of the Woolen Willow Designs blog put together and I am in the middle of sewing it down.

I took a few liberties and made it my own , hope she doesn't mind.

Chit chat later in the week, Martha.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Another Day

I finished installment three from Jeni from the Woolen Willow's sew a long. I am doing mine in pink,brown and an oatmeal color.

I have also finished my first alphabet letter in the Temecula Quilt Co. sew a long. The letter A! I am doing mine with cheerywood backround and kaffe fasset letters.

I also did a couple of nine patches for our Kim Diehl nine patch raffle drawing.

Today is my 60th birthday and I still feel like I am forty. But since my daughter will be forty this year we both cannot be forty! Chatter with you later,Martha.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best Laid Plans

I have been sewing steadily since Sunday on what I thought was a Kim Diehl project ,only to find out upon completion that it was designed by someone named Kristin Gassaway. I was looking up to find out which book it was from when I discovered my error. But it does look ever so close in design. I am going to share with you the pics as I have sewn along.

four cornerstones

center medallion

four stars with pinwheel centers

four houses

As I said in the beginning, best laid plans of mice and men.......Chatter later,Martha.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

It Has Been A Good Week

First off ,Susan and I had our first meeting of " Simple Whatnots " by Kim Diehl.  

Susan made a de-lish dessert from a Kim Diehl recipe and served to both groups! Played no favorites here!

The first meeting was so much fun Sharon Linders decided to stay for the second one (just teasing) . She did behave herself and did not do much running around (She had some knee surgery)
This was the only pic of a  Kim Diehl project that I took before my camera went out on me, drat! and double drat!This quilt was lovely but so were the three other ones! So now I will carry a different camera with me. Hopefully no more disappointments.

I finished my grand-daughter's quilt top and took it to the quilter's on wednesday. She suggested to quilt it in stars of different sizes and with a light blue steel thread. So we are going for it!

I finished my Jeni from the Woolen Willow sew a long and am waiting for the next installment.

I went to a (for me) two day retreat in Atkin, Mn. It was just in the daytime and no overnight stays. I finished putting together four blocks for applique. I have one sewn down and am working on sewing down the second. The quilt is called " Mrs. Hartigan's Stash" and it is an english paper pieced quilt.

The fabrics vary, however where there is light blue there is always light blue. The same as where there is yellow there is always yellow, just not the same fabric. I know hard to tell from these pics. 
Now as far as the  productivity of others(I don't hang around with slackers!)
I took some pics of the other's projects,to share with you....

This cutie was Janet Leins project which she finished while we were there plus others.

This was one of Connie Krueiger's finished projects.

This was being worked on by Pam, from Iowa, who is visiting her sister Joan Lemire.  I rather liked this one and took a pic of pattern by Glad creations.

This last pic of a quilt has me stumped as far as the makers name, but it reminds me of Helen Thorn's pattern, "Simply Charming".

All for now ,  have a busy week coming up too, Martha

Monday, September 1, 2014

Gotta Start

Just a quick post letting you know I have a start on it. Retreat isn't until Friday for me, might have it done by then and to the quilter's.

A couple of more borders should do it.  I think I will bring my applique projects to retreat, that way no lugging a machine. Must remember to pack iron and board. Chatter later, Martha.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sew a Longs

I have just finished the third part to Primitive gatherings Anniversay Sew-a-long. I am content in waiting for part four....

I have the satin stitch on the boob block.

I also have Jeni from the Woolen Willow's stitch along finished.
She gave out two blocks with first installment.

Now I can start cutting the pieces for my granddaughter's quilt. She recently had her room painted and she picked out the fabrics. Now to finish it before she is 18!

No worries right! LOL,  I do have a retreat next week to attend. We will see what I can get done, Martha.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This and That

I made four blocks for the block exchange with our guild. Two of each size.....

I have my breast cancer block laid out and ironed down. I still need to put decorative stitching down.

Kinda cute!

As you can see from this pile of fluff I have been squaring off some half square triangles...

About 214 half square triangles left over from the last two projects. A lot of foldy triangles there, too many for me to just pitch. So once trimmed I started sewing them into rows....

Then started to sew rows together  and putting a little more fabric with it.....

iron seams open

Ready to add a little wool, quilt with a back and bind. Will give you a peek when done. I am so glad I did not throw those away! Take care and chatter with you later,Martha.