Monday, January 22, 2018

Mystery Club

I have joined a mystery club and after church I finished my first blocks. Two churn dash and two monkey wrench(or snail's trail).

I wanted to share this before I went to dentist this morning. You all have a lovely day. Don't worry it is just a cleaning. Martha.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Quiltmania and Cherrywood

I recieved my January copy of Quiltmania. I got a 2 year subscription and a charm pack for $110.00.  Which means I get each issue mailed to my home for $9.17.  A total of twelve issues.

I really like the courthouse steps on cover and I also like Thimblecreek's (Joe and Roxie Wood) contribution (Baby Its Cold Outside) inside also. Plus  there is a new Mystery by Karen Styles of Material Obsession. It is a great read and plenty of patterns for the price! Just sayin'...

Next is a pic of my quilting frame and a quilt inside. I actually got to roll it about 8 inches yesterday. I am just starting to find my niche with it and my Big Stitch quilting.

I am quilting concentric  circles because I thought it would be a good contrast to the squares and  rectangles. After I finish it I plan to give it as a crisis quilt.

What you have probably been waiting for, some more Van Gogh from Cherrywood.

This one had a lot going on in it.

Sorry I didn't get more , but these were my faves from the few they had on view. Hope you enjoyed the pics . If you get a chance to see the traveling Van Gogh Challenge, take the opportunity, beautiful works of art themselves.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cherrywood and Thomas Fire Relief Quilts Plus Bonnie Hunter

I finished putting the binding on my bonnie Hunter quilt last night after getting it back from Connie Krueger(my quilter). Now just so you know, my quilt will look almost nothing like Bonnie's because I  set mine block to block not on the diagonal. I also only made half the number she requested because I only needed a smaller quilt. I also threw  away 120 pcs of one step. 

I have also been working onThomas Fire Relief quilts for California. Here are some of my blocks made from Kansas Troubles fabric...

Just so you know I did not forget here are some more Van Gogh quilts from Cherrywood...

Each of these quilt are only 20" square. All for today , more later. Martha.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


January is a cold month in Minnesota especially. I have finally switched my Christmas tree quilt for my blue 30's quilt.

There are 3 appliqued bluebirds on it, if you can find them. I have been hand  quilting on my quilting frame downstairs and enjoying it. May not be the best at it yet but i will keep plugging at it. I am am more of a big stitch( Kim Diehl) quilter. I have been using 12wt. Aurifil on it. Give you a pic when I get further along. I thought perhaps you might like a little show and tell from Cherrywood fabrics. I have some pics they let visitors take at an open house of thier Van Gogh exhibit. They only had about 175 quilts there at the time , it will take more than one blog post. This is only a small portion of what they recieved. 

None of these were the big prize winners even though they are fantastic! More later! Martha

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Last Half of 2017

My mother passed away on September 2, 2017. I went to be with her in August. I am still feeling the loss and probably won't get over it for a long time if ever.  Today I am going to make a stab at moving on with this post.

In November I made 4 Dignity quilts and sent them to the funeral home that served my mom. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what a Dignity quilt is, I will try and explain. A quilt placed on the shell of the body that has met its maker when taken from a home , nursing home, or hospital so that when a living individual looks upon it, we are reminded that that body is someone's loved one. A person  who once loved and was loved. These next four pictures are of those quilts...

I forgot to take a finished shot of last quilt.

I also made a small quilt for my Uncle who stayed with me on the night my mom passed as I held her hand. I sent it with a thank you note for being not only with me but also his younger sister(mom). I will forever be grateful for him being there. This is a picture of the quilt I sent him.

Each block has a gingerbread building. Designed by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill.

I have two sisters and a brother. Besides my uncle my youngest sister was a blessing that I could not have been without these last few months. She has a pair of minature Dauchands, so I made her this couch quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.

I have two dog blocks leftover from the quilt and asked her if she wanted pillows or a mini quilt for her puppies. She asked for the mini. So I will be working on it and finishing up my Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I recently made some life style changes and am now a stay at home sewer. The healing process continues. I have set up my Grace Z44 hand quilting frame in the lower level.  I am hoping to do more of that this year also. Keep me in your prayers and thoughts. It is much appreciated. Martha