Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Our Third Saturday Group meets this Saturday! Yikes!! I had to get on the ball and sew up my third clues for the meeting. So yesterday that is what I did.....

Ok, so with that finished I thought I should work on my Thimblecreek block four. Got them finished just as I saw they gave block five out today! So here are my two block fours, each have one piece of cotton lawn in them.

                Guess I will work on number five tomorrow. 

I didn't want to leave my watercolor quilt alone for to long,or I would forget all about it. Below is a pic of the blank canvas.

At first I was pondering the idea of hand applique....

I collaborated with hubby and two friends and came up with a different approach....

Wool applique, and with a crown of thorns hanging from cross. I now have to stitch it down ,quilt and bind it.  Wanda Hanson of "Exuberant Color" gave me the colorwash squares. She has such a wonderful collection!

Well I am still hand quilting my Tula Pink diamond quilt, so it will be a while before I get to it. Later, Martha.

Friday, April 13, 2018

A Finish

I finished the binding on my whale quilt and I made a pillowcase to go with it...

I also started on my "Hexie Kisses" by Jen Kingwell. This was the quilt that I could not start on retreat because my hexie ruler did not have 2" hexies and I had no template plastic nor any freezer paper. So here first is one diamond...

Then I have a start on my center row of diamonds...

I am making my daughter  and sister each an apron for Mother's day, but will have to show those in the next post. Ms. Connie also basted my Tula Pink quilt, so tonight I can start hand quilting while watching TV.  Chit chat later,Martha.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Craft Camp in Pillager,Minnesota!

Craft Camp in Pillager , Minnesota is a great destination for any crafter, sewer, scrap book enthusiast or jewelry maker. Comfortable beds , great sewing chairs ,  roomy tables, excellent kitchen facilities abound in this retreat center. I have an abundance of pics for you to enjoy....

Barb M. and her steamy weapon!

Carolyn Oswald

                                  What she was working on.

                              What Dona was working on

                                Georgia did mostly handwork. 

                                Gail and Diane talking away.

                               This is one of Gail's projects.

           This is Connie and this next pic is one of her project's....

                        Sue and Carol happily stitching away....

Lynn and Connie keeping busy.

Not sure who's project this one was.

This was my background watercolor piece.

This is my "Tula Pink" lap quilt.  I think a good time was had by all! We plan to do this again next year too! All for now, chit chat later, Martha.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Going Swimmingly

I still have the small borders to put on but things are moving along ......

I am going to try to make a pillow case to go along with this quilt. 

I also finished  my Kaffe quilt . I have the hand quilting finished, binding put on and washed. Now I just need to put on a label. It will be a great comfy quilt for Crisis for Kids.  

Going on retreat for three days, starting next Monday. Carol Nelson is opening her new Craft Camp in Pillager , Mn. Our group from 3rd Saturday will be the first group there. Soooo exciting!!   In for a lot of fun! Martha

Monday, March 26, 2018

Having a Whale of a Good Time

Yes I have been having a whale of a good time, pun intended!!!
With Elizabeth Hartman.....

I have been enjoying putting together these blocks using grunge fabric....

                            left facing whale

                         right facing whale

Hoping to get this put together before I go to retreat next week. I am enjoying it though!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Finishing Touches

I received my " Chain of Fools" quilt back from Connie on Saturday.  I decided on a binding with a small flange. 

The binding is a combo of two fabrics sewn together and then sewn down from the back. And then lastly sewn down on the front.

Spring is here! See all that snow in the background.... hasn't stopped people here from wearing shorts and no coats!

                                       Even got my label on!

                                 All for now, enjoy your day, Martha.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Put Together

I have the blocks put together with my Kaffe mini charms.

Now I need to put the three layers together , so that I can start hand quilting it. 

The directions and next step in My Carolina Home's BOM came out today . I finished it because I am only doing a table topper. So it didn't take long.

Busy day tomorrow chatter much later. Martha