Friday, September 30, 2011

president's quilt

the quilt given to the present president of the quilt guild at the end of their term is made by the past president who served the year before them. so there fore i had to make the president's quilt this year! this year's preident owns a company that dyes their own fabric, they are known all-over the country as cherrywood fabrics.  Well i decided to use her fabrics to make her quilt. I will give you a sneak peek only as she has not received it yet. Rebecca ,also from our quilt guild, did the wonderful quilting on it . She is awesome!!!!

I enjoyed making it and hope she likes it.  thanks for looking. stop by again! martha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Typical fall day

today was a typical fall day, crisp breezy air and multicolor leaves falling from the trees. neighbor informed us that she lost her blueberry patch yesterday and by the size of droppings left she thinks it was a bear. 
yesterday i found out that if you clicked on a pic that i inserted it will enlarge! As you can now tell i am no computer genius. This is a hunt and pick method of learning.
i am giving you a pic of the few " Devil's Puzzle " blocks that i have finished. hope to make about twenty,it will still be smaller than my arrowhead wall hanging.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

learning new things

   learning new things keeps you young in mind and soul. I have started experimenting with two blocks which were new to me the arrowhead block and devil's puzzle block. i have finished one small  wall hanging of the arrowhead block and have about ten blocks out of the 20 needed for my small wall quilt of the devil's puzzle. I am useing barbra brackmen's charm pack of civil war reunion for both quilts.