Saturday, January 25, 2020

Keep Truckin' On

I have still been working on my bin of 2 1/2" strips since coming home. I first started drawing up and coloring blocks I thought I might like to do.....

Started with top block and pulled out some strips and cut them to appropriate lengths. I had some grey Kaffe print leftover from a backing. It was about three yards long but only 24" wide. I decided to use it as my stable background.

Soon I had a few made and decided to stagger them to make a sort of ripple effect happen. The blocks are rather large 16 1/2" square. So I am only making 12 of them and plan to make a little border all around to slightly increase the size.  I am staggering by making a half block in the beginning and end of the middle row.

Top row is sewn together , however middle row is not as of yet!  

I got my extra blocks quilted and bound, they are about 24" square. All for now chatter later, Martha.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


This past week I have been enjoying myself at Craft Camp in Pillager, Minnesota. I had a great time! Enjoyed the people, food, and the sewing time! I brought my 2 1/2" strips, thinking that I would try and get rid of as much as I could. I also brought about 20 patterns for 2 1/2" strips. Here's a pic of the first quilt top....

The second quilt top....

I also did a test block for a charm square pattern that I intend on  using for  a lap quilt ....

 A butterfly block!

I had three blocks leftover from the first quilt top. I intend to use them as Charity quilts for stillborns. I just need to put extra borders on to make them a little larger...

I have two of these !

I also finished the first month of my Mystery Quilt from my Third Saturday group today...

Chatter later, Martha.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

It's Been A Grey January!

Yes I do live in Minnesota, besides that I have been working on a grey, black and white quilt! So that's what I 've been looking at for the past two weeks.

This is what the designer gave directions for, however I thought it a bit too small so I added some borders. First a small one finishing at 1 1/4" and then a larger one that will finish at five inches.

I  have asked the quilter to quilt gnomes on it , as my daughter likes them. I am putting flannel on the back. Grey, black and white flannel of course. Chatter later, Martha.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Progressing Along Just Fine

I've been working on a quilt for my daughter using 2 1/2" strips. 

 Here I have 23 diamonds made, with 5 more needed. I must make these before continueing on....

I actually made 8 more in case they might be needed to help with variety.  I need to make 2 different blocks with these diamonds, four of each kind. The seams need to be pressed open when joining them together. The first block uses only three of these diamonds.

I love my seam stick to press open seams. It makes it so easy!

Here are my four blocks that use only three diamonds each.

This is what I call one block. All for now, chatter later, Martha.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Year, New Project!

My projects for this month will be mainly trying to use up my huge bin of 2 1/2" strips.  In making as many quilts as I possibly can out of this, so that I may get this container off my sewing room floor!

I have  a large selection of patterns that mainly use 2 1/2" strips and a bit of background fabric. My first pattern is a pattern my daughter choose last year for one of her grey,  black,  and white quilts she wants for her living room.

I can see this being made with red, white blue, and gold strips for Quilts of Gratitude or Quilts of Honor.  Maybe just scrappy using all colors too!  I begin by sewing three strips together and press seams one direction and then using the 45* angle on my ruler cutting more 2 1/2 strips.....

Which I get 3 pieces from each strip and I need 81 of these for my quilt....

I have already made 44 of these, so the next few days I will be making more of these. I will update you as to my progress as I move along.  Chatter later, Martha.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a very happy new year and I had my first finish today! I am trying  to start the year out right! I used the same  pattern I used for my daughter's checkered purse by Noodlehead ,so far I have used two of her patterns and for a beginner bag maker they are gold star! The best!

When my daughter said she needed a bag for book club , fireworks went off for me. My granddaughter is transferring to NIU (Northern Illinois Universary) from a local junior college. I think she might be in need of  a book bag with a much bigger campus. I am hoping she likes the color combination that I have picked out. Pictures to follow.....

I put the blue seam   utensil in the pocket , so that you could tell that there is a pocket. Instead of using fabric for shoulder strap, I used webbing as I wanted it stronger. The inside has pockets and is a red Kaffe fabric!

Got it all packed and just have to wait until post office opens tomorrow! All for now, Martha. Hope your new years day travels are safe.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Before the New Year

Did a bit of sewing on a couple of purses! Something new to my repertoire , and I have been enjoying practicing. Sometimes I do make mistakes and a seam ripper is involved. My daughter liked the purse that I made her daughter and asked if I would make her one. This was her daughter's....

So I have her's finished.... but it is black and white checks. I forgot to take pics but didn't forget when I did the second one from the same material...

this one is a little larger and pattern is called "Redwood Tote" by Noodlehead. It has a re-inforced bottom.  Hope you enjoy a safe and happy new year! Martha