I have finally come to the decision to not continue this blog. They are deleting feedburner service, that sends the blog to your e mail. Thank you for reading my blog and encouraging me these past years. Thank you again. Martha.

Ryokan Second Visit

  I have finished the last four blocks and have played around with placement. Here are some pics to show with my progress.... See the sashing on the bottom row has been started! I have also been working on my handwork at night, with my Lucy Boston quilt. All for now,chatter more later, Martha.

Blocks 2 thru 7

  I have finished a few more of the twelve Ryokan blocks. Thought I'd share with you. I have also been working on my Lucky Boston blocks. Enjoy the outdoors and lovely weather! Chatter later, Martha.


 I started a new quilt by Joe Wood called "Ryokan". The pattern is at least 10 years old. I am using Kim Deihl fabrics for the 6" patchwork blocks and Urban Farmhouse by Lisa Bongean for the rest of the houses. There are 12 blocks. I have the houses finished and have started on the individual blocks. Here is my first block finished.... I got back my Amelia quilt and got it bound and pictures taken! Even had a quilt holder, wonders never cease! I also made a snowman pillow.  Pearl beads sewn in place of berries. All for now , enjoy the nice weather, Martha.

Daughter Lurking

  Even though my daughter may be lurking and reading this blog, I am going to share this knapsack/purse that I just finished making for her. front with zippered pocket and white ultrasuede pull back of purse It matches a larger tote that I made her, both Tula dots. I have more pics showing inside pocket and lining. inside lining pocket with elastic pinned before sewing together Looks grey in this pic, but actually black! So I will be putting this in the mail to her Tuesday! Be safe and be kind , Martha.


  I have finished the last of the blocks for my "Winter Wonderland" by Crabapple Hill. And have put it all together to show you.  Without someone to hold quilt it is hard to get a good shot of it. When it comes back from quilter, perhaps then I can get a better shot for you. Chatter later, Martha.