Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crow Wing Fair

Tomorrow I must bring my fair entries to the fairgrounds. So I have been up to my ears in binding and pressing and putting on labels. I received my tumbler quilt back and put binding on it.

As  you can see I  did not cut off sides even, I left the up and down sides. It was done in Kansas Troubles fabric. This is the only full size quilt I will bring. I am also bringing one table runner and one wall hanging to the fair.

turkey table runner

wall hanging

And of course my hand applique and my embroidered one.

My Alice in Wonderland one , remember!
Well I am off! Wish me luck.  Also is starting the first month of "The Wish " quilt,Surprise!!! Was to me. So pop on over and see her. A couple of other ones are Temecula quilt co. are in the middle of thier friday block give a way .  And Pam Buda will be giving two blocks a week  starting the first week in August, so you are forwarned.  Chatter at you later. Martha

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Buck Blocks

Tomorrow will be week 8 and so we will recieve another block for our buck blocks. I thought I would show you mine so far, they are put together so thier are half square triangles and quarter square triangle blocks in the mix also! I have one end of my first border put on . The first border has dark black circles in the fabric. The second border will be the same dark fabric that is in the half and quarter square triangle blocks. Here are the pics!

Hope they inspired you to do some sewing today. Martha

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kansas Troubles

This morning I attended my Kansas Troubles club. I enjoyed both the company and the show and tell. Our leader had an example of the pattern we recieved except in different fabrics. The pattern is called "Holiday Ties" By Lynn Hagemier. Our leader Brenda Peterson called hers" Black Tie Affair".

At this club meeting is when we also do a Mystery quilt by Sherri Falls. It is a lot of fun. I also finished my third block from Temecula Quilt Co.

Have a great weekend, I am still playing catch-up. Martha

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visitors Came and Went

My son and his family came and have left. They are on thier way home via the Wisconsin Dells.  The techies brought thier lap tops and typed away a mile a minute.

We celebrated a birthday with a  DQ ice cream cake.  And she of course recieved presents!

She recieved some glow sticks from Dad and the lap top of course.

 From grandparents she recieved some american girl doll clothes and a Pirates of the Carribean Lego game for her Ninetendo 3D. Sorry i did not remember to take pics of all the clothes and I purchased shoes and socks for her also.

I finished my two blocks for Kansas Troubles class this saturday! I also finished my blockof the week or buck block!

This is week seven so not long to go! Might start thinking of  which way I might finish off quilt.  All the chatter for now I have a quilt that needs binding and is calling to me. Martha.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Love Getting Mail

I love getting mail ,especially neat stuff like this! I received a package from Australia, that was extra cool too!  Thank you Cheryl Forward, my swap partner for my special gifts!

Holiday spice scent

Crocheted flowers and material to wrap my lovely gift!

Handmade card

Needle and thread keep

Hanging flag, woolie

June's Raspberry Rabbits block
Hope you enjoyed looking at my gifts as much as I did!  Martha

Friday, July 13, 2012

Second Temecula block

I finished my second block from Temecula Quilt Co. So here it is.

We were going to Hackensack on wednesday  for a flea market which was alot of fun. Over 50 vendors and a lot of cool stuff. We had to make a stop on the way back in Pequot for Bean Hole Days !  They cook huge pots and start the day before to cook them in a pit over hot coals. We have been to this event before but the line was so long for the beans  we never got those before.  This year we waited in line and got some. So now we can say we have had them!  Each person gets a ladle full of beans a bun and an orange kool-ade type drink and a free will donation is taken.

They are taking beans off coals.

Getting them ready to serve.

Got the house cleaned up and ready for son and his family yesterday. Now must make at least two outfits for American Girl doll to stick in present so I can wrap it up . Chatter with you later. Martha

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week Six

On the block of the week I am working on we are in week six of a twelve week program. Here is my block six!

I have also finished two more blocks for my Remembrance quilt  for you to view.

My son and his family will be coming for a visit this sunday. I will be doing some housework, dusting mopping floors and vaccuming.  It will be my youngest granddaughter's tenth birthday at the end of July. So I might have to get some ice cream and cake too!

After thier visit comes the county fair and then the Minnesota shop hop! So the next few weeks will be  busy . All for now , must read the directions on that feather duster!  HA HA! Martha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Temecula Quilt co.

Well Temecula Quilt company has started a new little quilt ;  last friday was its debut!  It goes for six weeks. It is stars with different centers. Pam Buda had one a couple of months back and is supposede to show pics of everyone's later this month.  Here's my first block.

I finished my July block for the Aurifil Buzz.

I have also completed two more blocks for my Remembrance quilt by Carol Hopkins.

Not to hot and not too cold today. Thank heaven no more rain, at least yet. Chatter later,martha.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I have finished my secret  Cherrywood project. It was partly Cherrywood and part Minnesota  shop hop fabric. It will go on display at the store, it is not mine.  The lining of the vest has fabric that is supposed to represent logs, that is what those circles are. The Cherrywood fabrics are the colors they have specially dyed to go with the Minnesota fabrics.

I have also finished my June block for the BOM for Aurifil Buzz .i'll  now start the July block.

Now I must start also getting ready for company in a couple of weeks my son will be bringing his family to visit! It will be my youngest granddaughter's birthday. She will be ten. All for now must be moving along.  Martha

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have finished this weeks buck block as you can see here....

Since this was the first week in July I was able to send off my "Just a Little Bit French" swap to my swap partner  in Canada. Filled out my custom report and sent it off. I did add a few things.

Jewelry Roll

Laundry Bag


I also put in a thread catcher that I made and some fat eighths in her favorite color.

I also started some thing new in cherrywood also. I'll give you just a peek for now.

All for now. Yes I am going to leave you hanging! We will talk later, Martha

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Hope where ever you are today what ever you did , you were safe and enjoyed the day!

I have made 4 more Remembance blocks and now only need 10 more blocks to finish. This quilt is designed by Carol Hopkins.

I will enjoy fireworks from my deck tonight. Martha