Monday, September 24, 2012


When I traveled back home this past April, my friend , gave me a bag of crushed walnut shells . Not a small bag an economy size which was only part of what she bought at a local garden/ nursery center. Believe me it sure came in handy today. I have been trying to finish up my pincushions. I first finished a" Summer Gathering" by Lisa Bongean , pincushion

Then I finished two from Bonnie Sullivan "All Thru The Night".

Yes my bird is backwards but  for a reason. To show someone if that had been a word or a letter it would have mattered.

Then I rather sorrowly attempted one from Indigo Junction.  It did not turn out as well as the others.

And this last one that I will attempt tonight is of my own design.

I am going to put a beak on it too!  Chit Chat later, Martha

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slow Poke

Feeling like a little slow poke. Doing quite a bit of handwork lately and not a whole lot to show for it right now. But I did finish sewing the binding for the mourning quilt and the candle mat for fall. Put a special button on it and some seed beads on the sunflower.

I also finished one more of my Halloween block that are blackwork.  I am starting on ptncushions! Wool ones to be exact. Five different ones by four different people.  Working hard tonight  to at least getting the applique finished. It's cool here ,  so sit and warm up with a cup of tea and we will yak later,Martha

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Little More Play

Well I finished my borders with what I call C's or hooks and did some little cursive e's in the red,green .blue and orange blocks. I have now put on the binding and will sew down tonight while watching the telly.

I did take time this morning to get my directions off of Heartspun Quilts from Pam Buda's blog. I finished making those blocks.

I received a kit and pattern for a wool applique candle mat and I finished the handwork last night. So then i did the piecing and quilting today. While in telly land I will sew down this binding also and put on a button and some seed beads in the sunflower. This was a Buttermilk Basin pattern.

I will be starting a few pincushion now, getting ready to make a few pressie's. Chit chat latter,Martha

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing Around

Today I took the time to play. To play at quilting, most of  you know I usually take my quilts to the quilter.  I have been setting my small quilts aside for a little play time.  If you don't try ,  you won't do! My  little mourning quilt which is no bigger than 20 x 20 ; is a part of that trying to learn to free motion quilt.
Thought I would try out my new notion the Steady Betty. You put them on your hands and they are supposed to help you grip onto your quilt and  to move it around as you quilt. Save your money and buy some thread instead.
Pebbles and Stones

Small circles or pebbles and stones on the backround fabric.

Going to do something different in borders and blocks themselves.

I also had time to make something for organizing the sewing room too! It sits under my sewing machine and has pockets in front so that I can keep essential tools handy.

Chit chat with you later,have a good day! Martha

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sewing Bags

I find a need to make my sewing more portable lately. So I am exploring the world of bags. I, generally do not make bags,  only totes. So this is a new experience for me!

This is Terry Atkinson's" CLASSMATE" bag.

This is the inside with plenty of pockets and room to put all sorts of things!

This pattern is by Sherry Falls and is called " Tag A Long "  and is half the price and about half of the pockets too.

As you can see there are just two pockets one for each side. One good for magazines or patterns and one clear vinyl for your stitchery or threads.

This is our own Erin and Karla Overland from "Cherrywood Fabrics" who went to the big apple and to Bumble Bean's  QUILT ALLIANCE AFTER DARK party(A.K.A.- Victoria Findley Wolfe)

Karla is a member of the Pinetree Patchworkers Quilt Guild (that I also belong to).
We will chit chat later, Martha

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little of This,

Well I received my package from Bumble Beans (A.K.A .-Victoria Findley Wolfe)  .  It has been finished and back in the mail for a quick round trip! Don't like obligations hanging around.

This is the block I sent her back and the next one is the block I kept and finished it into a candle mat!

I just stitched in the ditch and bound with a stripe. I used single ,1 1/2" binding. I then preceded to add a bit of bling by adding crystals to the ornaments.

Into the gift bag it will go,for now!  I also finished my Pam Buda blocks ,that she gave us Friday on her blog! I am assuming that directions for putting together will be next Friday!

I also bound and quilted my Lisa Bonegan free block (candle mat size also) .

Sherry Falls from THIS AND THAT  fame is doing another mystery on Mondays.  Last Monday was a needs list and from that it looks to be a small project also! Love the small things , you get so much done!
To my good friend, the package is on its way!Martha

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moda Blog Hop

Have you been following the Moda Blog hop? Well I have and they are sharing some really cute blocks with us!Make sure you check out Edyta Sitar's blog today for the runner pattern and on the 10th of September Lisa Bonegan shared this pattern with us!

I used flannels for the block base and wool for the applique's. Lisa did say you could use cotton for her appliques. All I need to do tonight is the needlework to tack it down,she suggested a whip stitch. So I will be stitching away while watching Snow White and the Huntsman. You have a good night, too. Martha

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's Me Again!

I finished my Raspberry Rabbits  August block of the month! September's will be given the 15th.

I also finished my nine rows of 9 patches and snowball blocks. Now all I have to do is sew them together.

I also finished the first of nine blocks for a halloween wall hanging.

All for now,chit chat later! Martha

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quick On The Draw

Yesterday when Bumble Beans ( a.k.a. Victoria Findley Wolfe  I asked for volunteers for her Santa blocks; I must have been quick on the draw to respond!  She will be mailing them out Monday, Sept. 10th! One for me and one for her. An added plus Monday is my Birthday! Hey Hey! Went out today and bought a birthday cake!

There is only myself and Mr. Sewwhats  , I might have to farm out a piece or two.

I finished September's Aurifil block as you can see.

I also finished my center medallion block for the mystery quilt by Sherri Falls. We do this in our Kansas Troubles club.  Thought I would share that with you also.

I have promised this quilt to QUILTS OF VALOR . Hence the red, white and blue!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Already?

Today is a cool cloudy day and reminds me fall is on its way.  The kids here have gone back to school so the streets are kind of quiet.

I finished my August BOM  from Aurifil just in time to get the next one!  So here are pics of August's finished and September's prepared to do!

I printed off my Pam Buda blocks  of the week, from Heartspun Quilts. I immediately sewed those up and put them with the others; but not before taking a pic to show you.

I also thought i had better start my Raspberry Rabbits August block before she gives us September's on the 15th.  So this is it prepared to embroider.

My Kansas Trouble club meets the 15th and I need to do my center medallion , so I got the pieces cut to sew tomorrow.

Must go do a little housework before huibby wakes up,chit chat later, Martha

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blog Hop

There is a blog hop beginning Sept. 6th, it is by moda designers. This should be very interesting! It starts off with Barbara Brackman, Aneela Hooey , Me & My Sister designs. Visit each of thier blogs. Each day three different designers will take thier turn. Take a peek ,what can it hurt!  It lasts for ten days!  You may also want to visit

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Little Play

I did my Pam Buda, Heartspun Quilts, blocks of the week. They came out yesterday morning. That was seven and eight. Are you keeping up?

This morning is the first day of Grandmother's choice block from Barbara Brackman.  Go to   for a peek. Enjoy chatter with you later, martha.