Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pine Tree Patchworkers Block Exchange

This month it was Denise Muller's choice for a block and she chose  Wonky Star . I finished my two blocks to her and my block like it for myself.

My Block.

I have also finished embroidering blocks five and six of my taupe  basket quilt .

 I also have been doing some mini quilts from Jay bird Quilt useing her mini hex'n more ruler. The first is called "Northern Lights" but I called mine Rainbow.

The second  one is only done to the flimsy stage. Needs to be quilted and bound. But here it is....

 It is called "Disco". Both of these patterns are like getting two patterns in one.  Because you can make a larger one just by useing the larger Hex 'N More.

Enjoy your day , Martha.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Block Exchange Results!

The Block Exchange with Brenda's saturday morning group has had its trade off last saturday morning. There were twelve of us and we each made our own 12 1/2 " block ,so we could end up with enough for at least a lap quilt or possibly two small quilts.  I dyed four of the blocks a tan color. and set them together. I then decided to make an asymmetrical border. I will show you the progression.

My block was one of the four that I dyed. It used to look like this...

 I also finished two more basket embroidery blocks and am now working on the 5th one. There are only nine in total.

 The thin white sheet in between the fabric and embroidery is a water soluable  called transfer ease. I can run thru printer as I copy pattern. 

 Off to take exchange quilt to quilter, Martha.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Been A While

I finally got my hexie lap quilt to a quilter, thought it deserved a chance to be out in the open.   Then I finally finished my hand applique project and took it along too! I have a few pics to show you...

I can hardly wait until I get it back! 

I did get back my scrappy trip around the world with a half a jelly roll. I have  it bound and ready.

I have three rabbits on one corner and two on the opposite corner.

I am also making some storage  holders for patterns. I have one finished and another cut and ready to go.

Chit chat more later,Martha.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A couple of finishes!

I got a couple of small quilts back from Rebecca Annakala, who quilts for the store. One was a baby quilt made from Julie Herman's "Science Fair". It took one half a jelly roll and one yard of backround fabric , for the top.

The other is called "Something Blue" By Pam Buda.

I also did some work on my applique quilt from  Jan/ Feb issue of Quiltmania magazine.

I counted my pitchers and found out I only have 35 and I need 42. So I am preparing the last 7 blocks.  Tomorrow I go to the Aitkin Guild meeting so goodnight to all, Martha.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yoo Who!

Yes I am still out here and have not left the planet!  Just been a little busy. I had a Prairie Women's Sewing circle meeting last Tuesday and I remembered my camera. So I thought I would share with you some of the show 'n' tell that was brought.

Sharon Nelson shared her start of the first quilt  of Journey 5.

 Sharon Livingston tried to hide when she showed  her version of "Rock Candy" by Julie Herman .

She moved pretty fast!

This is a 1600 quilt from a jelly roll by Linda Arganbright.

This is Mary Theurer with her finished candle mat  from my beginning wool applique class.

This is Dawn Leitch with her small quilt. Sooo cuuuute!

I prepared the last nine blocks for applique and finished sewing them to the backgrounds. So now all I need to do is to put together the broken dishes blocks.  I have three quilts that I need to bind and then I can show you next time. So chatter later, Martha.