Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Finish!

I have finished my "night Sky " quilt , pattern by Julie Herman of JayBird Quilts.

These are three  different pics, I am trying to get used to this new camera. I am not doing very well, sorry.  I have the back pieced and the black batt ready to go. So maybe Tuesday I will get to take it to the quilter.

I finished the last two blocks from Jenni from the woolen willow blog (Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine).

With fall in the eminent future we will all have more sewing time. Hope you put a little in your day! Martha.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A B C's

Just thought I would share my Temecula's A B C quilt since I have added a few more blocks.

These last four blocks are my filler blocks for the rows. Now just to wait for H. Chat later, Martha.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quilt Show Pics

I ended up going to quilt show on Friday morning  with hubby in towe. He perused the quilts for a while  , then headed for the slot machines.  Even though it was a small show , I did not take pics of all.

Cathedral Window

My personal favorite!

I had started to put together my blocks for "Night Sky" and found out that I still needed to make one star block ,(Or two half hexie blocks). 

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy, chatter later, Martha.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gearing Up For A Finish

I am gearing up for a finish, at least I hope so! I had been working on "Night Sky " before all the Kim Diehl sewing began, and I have come back to it today! All I needed finished was the black strips sewn on three sides of each hexagon. I have 28 hexagons that just need one side left to sew on and trim. 

I do have four half hexies strips sewn on and trimmed.

They are not sewn down the center yet. I do need to get some more of the Jet Black so that I can make this lap quilt square with half hexies on each of the ends. I can do that tomorrow.

I also have my sew a long from Jenni from the Woolen Willow caught up....

I also have four more dresden plates finished , almost.

I now have all the centers sewn down.  This Thursday there is a small quilt show in Walker at the casino, I am thinking of going to see it. We will chatter later, Martha.

Monday, September 22, 2014


 I finished the letter E !

I also made my grand daughter  a pillowcase for her Mickey quilt out of scraps left over. 

Chatter soon, Martha.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Plugging Along

I am still pluging along with the sew a longs! How about you? Finished the D in the Temecula Quilt Co.

I also have the next installment from  Jeni from the Woolen Willow
attached but not yet sewn down , will do that while sitting down in front of telly as usual.

I also have been having a bit of fun playing with Kaffe Fasset and Cherrywood....

Have not decided on the backround yet . I will wait until I have all 36 finished for that!  Wishing you a lovely weekend with at least some sewing mixed in. Enough chit chat , Martha.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stringing You A Long

I have my ABC quilt up to C finished. I like the look so far.

I am caught up with the 10 th anniversay quilt except for stitching aroun the wool flowers which I will do tonight in front of the telly.  I took several pics in my attempt to be a little more artistic in my pics.

 The weather was so nice today I could not resist. Thier won't be that many more nice days left. Chatter later, Martha.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ducks in A Row

These are the baby ducks born this past spring in our back yard. They are busy eating as much as they can in preparation for the  fall flight out.  

I have been busy making four blocks for my guild's block exchange.

We were all given fabric for the middle square and four small cornerstones (Star material). She is going to give this quilt (when done) to Quilts of Valor.

I have gotten back the last two quilts "Hopscotch" from Rebecca Anakkala, who quilted them. I have them bound and ready to hang.

I also have the fourth installment of Jeni of the Woolen Willow Designs blog put together and I am in the middle of sewing it down.

I took a few liberties and made it my own , hope she doesn't mind.

Chit chat later in the week, Martha.