Sunday, February 28, 2016


Today I have been busy cleaning house and doing laundry. Thought I would earn a few extra points so that I would feel better sneaking away to the sewing room. I have my "Splendid Sampler" blocks all caught up.
Block 2 ...
Still have to embroidery the antennas

Block 3...

Block 4...

Block 5 

I have my Thimble Creek sew-a-long caught up too!...

Step 2

Step 3

" Linen Closet Quilts" with Dawn Heese Those two blocks are being worked on as we speak, so tonight as we watch 
"The Walking Dead" hopefully they will be finished!

This is an autumnal Tree of Life block.

So a very busy Sunday for me how about you? Martha.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bonus Project

I finished my bonus project for my "Little Gatherings" club. I will not be able to get it quilted before the meeting. Guess that will have to wait until afterwards. I still have two of the birds to whip stitch down. Just thought I would share....

This project comes to 60" square and can easily be made larger with extra borders. It can also be made longer with  an additional  row, to make it 3 X 4 rows.  And more of a twin size 72" long by 60" wide.  This is a two fabric quilt and can easily be made scrappy.  Chit chat later, Martha.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Applique Group and More

Paula Murrey came to Colorz  Quilt Shop  and was working on her daughter.s mixer cover (shown above) .

Anne Manly came and got a few questions answered and a few things out of the way.

Dawn Leitsch was working on her Splendid Sampler's second block.

Ellie Knolb brought a few projects to work on too!

All in all we had a lovely time visiting and stitching! 

I finished a small wall hanging of Fig Tree Quilts with her wool also. 

I also got the second block of Buttermilk Basin's free BOM laid down and ready to be stitched!

I will save this for stitching while watching the Walking Dead and Downton Abbey on Sunday.

This is a small wall hanging from Little Gatherings book by Lisa Bongean with a saying from Mark Twain embroidered on it.
I will check back later with you, Martha.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes it is the first day of  "The Splendid Sampler". And the first block directions were given....

It was an applique block and I did mine with Fig Tree's Strawberry Fields Revisited charm squares. 

I also have been sewing on some Tree of Life blocks....

This is a smaller wall hanging with the Tree of Life blocks. This wall hanging is called " Out On A Limb".

There are quite a few BOM that are free and will be posting this week.
1. Buttermilk Basin, 2nd block.Feb. 19th
2. Linen Closet Quilts,starts Feb. 15th
3. Fat Quarter Shop,2nd block, Feb.15th
4. Thimblecreek, 2nd block, Feb. 16th
5. Splendid Sampler, 2nd block , Feb.18th

Looks like it will be a very busy week indeed, talk with you later!


Saturday, February 6, 2016


This is my block from Buttermilk Basin's free  BOM. Next one is the 15th of this month.  Also got one wool piece of Fig Tree quilts laid out and ready to get started on the hand stitching.

She has you quilt your piece before you place down your wool. No heat ' n bond , just Roxanne glue.

This piece is from the book "Little Gatherings" by Lisa Bongean.  Still working on the embroidery and wool before I begin the layering and quilting.

This is flannel and will be a quilt label once I have it hand stitched down. What do you think?  

This block is 11" square unfinished and 10 1/2" square finished. Never took the time to make a "Tree of Life " quilt before.
So I will be working on this during the next week......chatter with you later, ladies! Martha.