Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something Fishy

During the fourth of July weekend there is a craft fair held in the local park. This is held every year. I usually just go and browse , not really looking for any thing special. This year there was something that really peeked my interest.... Fish Leather.  It is a real leather and must be treated as such. They make wallets ,bracelets and coin purses from it.

These are a few pieces, though not very big , I thought I would use some in place of some woolin my "Lisa's Flower Garden" quilt. A small bag cost me $5.00. Not too bad.

If you click on the pics it will enlarge them so that you can even see the scales.  But it feels just like any other leather.

I have bought 2 different patterns by two different designers for the exact same bag.  The reason I did this was because they are both written terribly! Can hardly understand them. I thought maybe where one was lax perhaps the other would be clearer. No such luck. However when combined they both have some lovely pics that really help.  I made the bag two days ago and have future plans to make more for christmas presents. I really enjoyed making it , once I started understanding the process. I will concead that I a not a bag person normally, but this is an exception.

Also my son and his family came to visit and we are celebrating my DG birthday...

Chatter later, Martha.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

This weekend starts Minnesota's shop hop and I am sure I will be busy as many of you will be too! I thought I might show a few more pics....

Made a couple of placemats for meals on wheels. Also a mug rug

I also have a small quilt called "Mississippi Crossing" from Little Gatherings by lisa Bongean.  

Also a pillow to go with it....

I have also been working on my stitch therapy project "Lisa's Flower garden. I am getting closer to the half way point.

I just got a few more blocks ready for stitching...

Check in with you later, Martha.

A Two Month Sabbatical

Yes it has almost been two months since my last post. Just a little out of sorts and needed a break.  Had plenty going on and have a few pics to show also...

With all the rain I have a small lake in my backyard. About a dozen ducks have taken up residence. 

Got my quilt back that wouldn't stay put for a picture before...

It is a pattern by Villa Rosa called "The Lady" and is made from a jelly roll of Lizzie's Legacy" by Betsy Chutchian of Moda.

This pattern is "Tiny Dancer" by Jaybird Quilts. Fabric is by Yellow Creek.

This one was quilted by Connie Krueger, she did a great job!

This pattern is called "Vintage Tree Farm" by Buttermilk Basin. Connie quilted  this quilt also.  I have a few more to show but will save them for another post. Keep cool and carry on , Martha.