Monday, February 13, 2012

A Few UFO's

Lately mjust finishing up a few ufo's. I have been hand quilting at night while stuck in front of the telly.  I have been practicing on my Devil's Puzzle quilt.  I really have not done much with respect to hand quilting; it is more like the big stitch quilting of Kim Diehl.  However i would like to get better so practise practise practise!  I put the binding on and tonight will finish it. 

I also made in January two Twelve Days of Christmas quilts by Temecula Quilt Company. I quilted and bound one of them and have the binding finished. So now have one left to do.

I have also been working on my Dresden Plate quilt by Anne Sutton.  Four more are put to thier backround pieces.  You will notice these have blue centers , not yellow.

What have you been up too ?  A little ufo - ing too?  Seems we can never finish what we would like too.  Keep on keeping on. martha

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Susan said...

Today, I was up to nothing. I was too impatient, waiting to hear about what was wrong with my car, and then going over and picking it up after it was repaired. Hopefully, tomorrow will be different!