Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My grandmother and my mother  both raised peacocks on thier farms. They enjoyed the beauty of the bird.  It does make  a shrill call that resembles a woman's  scream .  My mother had the top of her cage covered because hawks would come to steal them. While sewing this wall hanging I was reminded of these things.  My mom has since moved off her farm and into town.

There is still a border to be added on, but I just had to show you how pretty the blues are in the fabric. I just love it. But I do love my peacocks quiet though.  Make every day count,  martha

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Hi Martha--
I love peacocks too and that quilt is just soooo pretty--may have to find me some of that fabric as it is in my colors toooo!!!!
My sister rented a trailer once on a farm that had peacocks and they would get up on the roof and do that cry--and it was louder up there--crazy, beautiful animals anyways!!
Hugs, Di