Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing With Hexes

Today  I find myself playing with hexes.I received acute little fob or bookmark in the mail today from Cheryl Goss of  Willowberry Designs.

It was so cute that it inspired me to make some hexes ! 

I will finish this later.

A little  tutorial for you on a small thread catcher. 

Cut two squares (can be of any size) these are five inch squares .  I put an iron knit interfacing on one side to give it some body.   This is a mini thread catcher for beside my chair while watching tv. With right sides together  sew around useing  1/4 seam allowance and leaving an opening for turning.

Turn right sides out and press.

Fold  a side in half and sew only half way up leaving half of top tip unsewn.

Keep sewing each side to the one next to it until all are sewn half way up.  You will have little triangle points flaying in the wind ,Ha Ha! 

I then sewed buttons on each side to hold it down. I put a mouse button on one side of this one.  When you empty your threads leave them outside for the birds to use in thier nests.  It squishes flat if you need to pack it up and take it somewhere and pops back up.  There is another thread catcher that is quite similar only made from a triangle.  Maybe that one tomorrrow.

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stitcheranon said...

Lovely, going to see if I can adapt this into a christmas tree ornie!