Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Falling off the Radar

I bet you were wondering where I have been. Well My daughter and her family came for a surprise quickie (sort of) visit.

So my husband and I were having fun showing them around town and shopping.  We had a great time catching up.

If you stay on my blog now for more than 30 seconds you will find that I have added some music to my blog. This was not achieved by myself. My eleven year old granddaughter showed me how to do that.  She has music on her two blogs.  She showed me a few other things too.  She also is a budding artist also.  We did some shopping together and she picked out some zebra print minkee for a very special pillowcase. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back on track and get some sewing done.  Family first!!! But I sure did miss doing a little sewing every day. Guess it is just the routine.

The more cheerful you try to be , the less there is to disswade you from that cheerful outlook!! Hang in there!  All for now, martha



So glad that you had a great time with family and yes--family comes first!!!
Can I borrow your granddaughter????
I have some things I want to learn to do on this computer!!!!
Hugs, Di

Pat from Florida said...

Love shopping for fabric with the grands. My 12 year old DGD is coming this afternoon. Trading out her 6 year old brother, who is currently playing basketball with DH.

desertskyquilts said...

I did wonder why I hadn't seen your blog show up in my e-mail! I'm so glad you got a wonderful visit, though. Family first, then quilting. =)