Friday, March 30, 2012

Thought I Would Share

For any of you that might be finishing up your anniversary quilt from Temecula , A friend of mine from Illinois and I both ran into same problem with measurements of corner triangles and setting triangles.  Instead of 7 1/2"  square cut triangle cut twice for setting triangle, I  ended up using them for the corner triangles. For the  setting triangles I used 8 1/2"  square cut twice diagonally .  I think they forgot that the 4 1/2"  blocks have 1 1/2"  sashing on each side.  Could be just my mistake but I don't think so.  Tell me if you had same problem of triangles being to small.  I had not finished block four and five so I will show you now.

block 4

block 5

just need to add on last section for top

Finished my grand daughter's zebra minkee pillowcase and it is on it's way to her.

Finished my third block for Raspberry Rabbits free bom quilt. 

Also if you take a peek over at Pam Buda's blog , she has a weekly sew-a-long that might intrigue you.

Don't want anyone to go thru withdrawels!
Kim Diehl will have a new book out in May called "Simple Charm Book".  I am a fan of her books,so looking forward to it.  Enjoy what you do or find something new! All for now, martha

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