Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yo YO"s

I am making yo yo's today with my yo yo makers. Don't know what that is you say! Well take a gander at these .

And I do believe there is still one a  size larger. 

So that you can make yo yo's of all sizes.  To start  you need a piece of fabric 1/2 " bigger all the way around.  It can be square or round. there are two pieces to yo yo maker which must be snapped apart so that you may place fabric in between them.

 To place it with right side facing down in larger piece so that wrong side faces you. Then place top portion on top with lines on top lining up with small knobs of plastic.

At this point trim off excess, by leaving 1/2 inch all the way around.With needle inserted in first hole to left of any of the knobs  go around in a circle from side that is under neath where right side of fabric lays.

Go completely around and over 2 stitches previously stitched. Then pop out center.

Fabric may then be pulled off center piece and pulled taught to form a circle.

Once tightened I take a stitch thru to other side and stay-stitch with a couple of stitches so that it will not pull loose and cut thread off.

This can be done while watching tv at night  and you can use your scraps up.  It lets you do something useful with them. 


Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

These are so much fun and I find them easier to use. I like what you are doing, maybe cause I'm doing a lot of the same thing. I have became your latest follower and look forward to what you are up to.

cq4fun said...

Oh, I always wondered how that worked! Thanks for showing it. Now what are you doing with them?

Is that header new? I like it!