Thursday, April 26, 2012

Home Again, Jigitity jig!

I have made it back safe and sound with new experiences and of course new fabrics. Also new kisses and hugs from grand daughters (grand son was away at school) .  We will have to wait until later to see him as he is going abroad this summer! Congrats and be safe!! 
I also went to  eat and view Paula Deen's new restaurant inside Harrah's Casino. Don't gamble but my daughter is a fan and so is my sister and they have been to other restaurants of hers and her sons and love their cooking.  Either the casino did a poor take on her cooking or I was expecting too much.  I was not at all impressed! Not even with the decor. The food I found was bland ,middle of the road stuff. The staff was slow and not helpful and the place was not busy at all!!
On my visit to na friend of my daughters and did a little sewing for her. She also graciously showed me her little studio where she does scrap booking. Really neat! and organized!!

My son also made us some cupcakes with fun in the middle which was something new we tried.  They were good!  More later about fabric!!  Talk to you later,martha

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