Monday, April 9, 2012

More Practise

Yes I need more practise and a few more samples to be made so you can see and experience of creative designing with prairie points!! Did not think I could get out that whole sentence. 

Starting from two fabrics sewn together with 1/4 " seam and seam pressed open and flat.  Apply any tear-a-way water soluable stabilizer to back. of strip. (There are several out there) Mine came  in sheets of 9 x 12 .  I cut them 1 1/2 " wide so that I might only use them where I need it.

Next I chose  a stitch on my machine That I thought did not have too many stitches in a small area  (no satin stitch) .  I then sewed down the middle  so that some stitching would be on both sides , in an emboidery thread that matches or contrasts.

Tear off excess stabilizer .  Spray with Best Press   and cut off  1/4 " on the main color side. Then iron in half and make a prairie point as show in yesterday's post.

These use a couple of different stitches.

 I laid down three evenly spaced on this mug rug  and then placed two in between.  Now I must bind it as I have placed iron on batting on back and have sewn around to hold all three layers together with the backing. I did sew a decorative stitch (that I used on prairie point)  on side  , running along base of prairie points.  All for now, martha


cq4fun said...

I read this prairie point post and the one before, and I think that's a great tool, and a super design. Thank you for the pictures and directions. I will look for the tool at the Cinci show this week.

dezertsuz at gmail


Now you are teasing me!!!
I want one and I want to play--
but I need to start spring cleaning--
thanks for sharing--it does look like fun and I will have to look for that 'tool'!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie