Sunday, April 8, 2012

Prairie Pointer

I have to brush up on my making of two color prairie points for a demo I will be doing the first week in May. Please bear with me as I use you as my audience and work out my speal.

I will be demoing Susan Cleaveland's Prairie Pointer! It is a cool tool that I like to use.

Keep in mind this tool does not come with a ribbon in punched out circle ,however she does advise putting one there to pull out tool from under iron.  It does get hot!!

The cardboard insert does have directions inside to help you follow up and with design ideas.

I picked out two fabrics and cut them each 2 1/2 " wide , I choose this width by the chart given.  I know from experience that  I will get a 2" wide prairie point.  The chart says I will get a 2 1/4" one , but I do something a little different that makes things easier for me.  You will be using a 1/4" seam allowance and sewing them together (only one side).

You will then iron them with seam going to one side.  Once that is accomplished refer to chart on inner cardboard again and it tells me to cut length to 5" .  I can get  8  blocks from width of fabric strip or 8 prairie points.

Now here is where I am different than her directions, I cut 1/4 from the side of the material that is to be my main color of my prairie point.  You will see why in a moment.  I wait until I have my strip cut into blocks so that I may get two different prairie points from one strip.  By cutting the one side down 1/4 " when you fold them in half one side automatically rolls over and waa laaa! you get two colors.
Once you have them folded in half ; take them to the ironing board and plce the tool in middle of rectangle of fabric and fold over sides to meet center line on tool.  Then heat with iron and use Best Press or starch diluted.

On the white prairie points I  cut the white fabric shorter so the black would show a little. On the black prairie points I cut the black fabric shorter so the white fabric would peek out .  these are from same strip.   Otherwise if I followed her directions it would be two-color but only one color showing from either side.    Any questions?  talk to you later, martha.

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