Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smoke Detector Is Working

My poor unfortunate husband , who for 30 years was a volunteer firefighter, got woke up in the middle of his night to the sound of smoke alarms going off!!  This was the culprit!

look how metal bubbled!

I was ironing  my small quilt blocks and in the midst of it I smelled fabric burning.

As you can see it is scorched.  My iron started smoking and I smelled burning rubber. I turned the iron off and pulled the plug.  However that did not stop two smoke alarms from going off  first.  Hubby woke up and asked what I was doing? as I was turning on fans.  In our younger days having the fire dept. come to my house would have been grounds for divorce.  I quietly said I was sorry and skulked off to the basement to play with the computer and talk to you folks as a sounding board. Promised him I would stay out of trouble.  I  guess the rest of the blocks will be there when I get enough courage to go into the sewing room again.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said  "Move at the pace of nature and have patience."  Guess I will have to,  This is a wake up call to never leave iron unattended!  martha


Nancy said...

Oh Martha, I am so glad it was not worse! I never saw an iron do that. Glad you are okay.

Anonymous said...

So now I wonder what kind of iron it was. It wasn't your fault, you know. One can't control an iron meltdown!

Odessa Hanton said...

Oh Martha, I’m sure your husband was relieved to find out it was not worse than what he expected. The sound of a smoke detector can signal a lot of alarming thoughts especially to a firefighter. I’m not surprised he keeps the house properly protected with fire detection devices. I’m sure he knows the extent of the damage fires can cause.

Odessa Hanton