Monday, May 21, 2012

Just When You think You Are Done

Shop owner and my boss came home fromSpring Quilt Market and brought us a gift. Pic below.

Looks like a small cosmetic bag , doesn't it.  It is not , when you unzip it you find out what it really is!!

 A shopping bag!! Neat , really cool that she thought of us!  Surrounded by all that quilt inspiration and took time to think of us, great!

I was starting to put together my redwork blocks of Alice In Wonderland  ,Designed by Mirkwood Designs.  This came out afew years ago about same time Tim Burton's movie with Johnny Depp and Tim's wife Helen Burton. I thought I had twelve blocks. I was down to the last row , and I was missing the last block!! Oh my I thought at first Ilost it at my stitch therapy group meeting this afternoon. Then I retraced my steps thru my house and then looked throughly thru my folders , nothing no where to be found. Oh My!!!!  I decided to look at my patterns to see which block I was missing ,so that I would know exactly what I was looking for.  I had forgotten to do one block!!  So bak to the embroidery hoop for one more block. Whew. At least I did not lose it. Just My mind.  So I am going to show you pics of ones I have finished.

Sorry this last pic is not good.  Hopefully I will show you this top put together this week.  Next time will show you a tutorial on a project we did in stitch therapy.  All for now , bedtime is calling.  Martha


Bonnie said...

Your embroidery is lovely. Are you doing it by hand? Lots of fun things being shown on your blog. Esp. like your houses going to QOV.

Where do you get printable solvy? I've never heard of it. Sounds like it would be wonderful to use...

cq4fun said...

It looks great! Hmmm. And familiar, so I think I bought that pattern, too!