Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stitch Therapy

I attend a group meeting of ladies that like to embroider and hand applique, we meet once a month. Our leader of the group Karen is always giving us tips and tricks and new things to make. I can only aspire to reach her level of ability.  She gives us  places to visit on the internet for free patterns or info and such.  She is very knowledgeable.  This past monday she had us bring needle and thread, as she was going to have us make something. Which is always exciting because it is always useful.  I am going to share with you what she shared with us. Hope you enjoy it!

You will need some
1. wool roving (more body than stuffing and holds shape better)
2. small circle of fabric 1 1/2 " diameter or size of bottom of water bottle
3. hot glue gun
4 .needle and thread
5. button with well or dip in center
6. 1/8 th inch wide elastic (black does not show dirt)

Stitch around circle 1/8 inch away from edge
Roll roving into ball and stuff into circle then pull thread tight and tie off.

Now take butto and about 4 inches of 1/8 inch wide elastic and put and end  into 2 of the eyes of the button up thru the well. Put it on your finger and either tighten or loosen to fit without turning finger or thumb blue(really important).  Once adjusted tie an overhand knot (right over left and left over right). 

Heat up glue gun once knot has been tied and trimmed.  Fill well of button to cover elastic but not to overflowing and then quickly place fabric cushion on top.

The button acts as a shield that protects your finger.
It is so helpful to have it so close when doing hand work.  Plus it is so cute!!!  Hope you enjoyed it all for now, martha


Becky G said...

Great idea! Especially the tip @ using wool. Thanks for sharing! I came over from Kathy's small quilt group. Enjoying your blog here! Happy stitching! B

cq4fun said...

You made it looks so easy, and I love the idea of the button instead of a pop cap I have to punch holes in somehow!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

You're right--we don't want any blue thumbs!!
Karen in Breezy Point