Sunday, July 29, 2012

Crow Wing Fair

Tomorrow I must bring my fair entries to the fairgrounds. So I have been up to my ears in binding and pressing and putting on labels. I received my tumbler quilt back and put binding on it.

As  you can see I  did not cut off sides even, I left the up and down sides. It was done in Kansas Troubles fabric. This is the only full size quilt I will bring. I am also bringing one table runner and one wall hanging to the fair.

turkey table runner

wall hanging

And of course my hand applique and my embroidered one.

My Alice in Wonderland one , remember!
Well I am off! Wish me luck.  Also is starting the first month of "The Wish " quilt,Surprise!!! Was to me. So pop on over and see her. A couple of other ones are Temecula quilt co. are in the middle of thier friday block give a way .  And Pam Buda will be giving two blocks a week  starting the first week in August, so you are forwarned.  Chatter at you later. Martha


shez said...

wow Martha you have a lovely lot to take to the fair,good luck.xx

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Good luck at the fair!! Love the tumbler quilt the most!