Monday, September 24, 2012


When I traveled back home this past April, my friend , gave me a bag of crushed walnut shells . Not a small bag an economy size which was only part of what she bought at a local garden/ nursery center. Believe me it sure came in handy today. I have been trying to finish up my pincushions. I first finished a" Summer Gathering" by Lisa Bongean , pincushion

Then I finished two from Bonnie Sullivan "All Thru The Night".

Yes my bird is backwards but  for a reason. To show someone if that had been a word or a letter it would have mattered.

Then I rather sorrowly attempted one from Indigo Junction.  It did not turn out as well as the others.

And this last one that I will attempt tonight is of my own design.

I am going to put a beak on it too!  Chit Chat later, Martha

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Anonymous said...

wow Martha they look wonderful,cant wait to see your pretty design finished,well done.xx