Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Beginnings

I have started a new quilt and have at the moment only one block finished with its sashing squares.

More to come on this one. I do have the pieces cut though, which sometimes is the most tedious part of it.  The center red star fabric has a fall feel to it, as it has brown leaves it in.  I am contemplating putting black wool crows on border or perhaps acorns and oak leaves in two of the outside corners.  That is a long way off so we will see later.

I am getting a little bored with these hexes although I am almost finished making them; I still have to put them all together.  I need a hand project that I can switch off to. So I started on today and got it already for tonight.

It has been layered with backing and batting and has been quilted down. Wool is attached and waiting to be sewn down tonight.  This is the first time a pattern had me do the layering and quilting first. And then attach wool. Usually the other way around. 

Have been doing a little Christmas shopping lately. How about you?   Chit chat a little more later, Martha.

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