Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Using Up Leftovers

There was leftover wool from a quilt I recently made; so I decided to use some of it in a pincushion design. As I have another beginning wool class coming up, I needed to get going on it.  The golden yellow seemed to lend itself to a flower to me .So that is what I designed. Hope you like it.

I learned something new with this post, that all my pics (as they are put on my blog) are saved in a special place and the space eventually fills and must be deleted to create more storage.  I thought they were just taken from my sd disk.  I am no computer geek, but I am learning more.  Martha


Fiona said...

how sweet is that... yes , we are all learning about the pictures and needing more storage.... but remember the pictures you delete from that 'special place' also means they are deleted from your blog....


I love the little pin cushion--nice job,
Yes it seems funny-but we all are getting notices that our spaces are full--I chose to buy more space--
not happy about it--but did not want to delete my past photos on the posts--soooo--they get our money one way or another!!!!
HUgs,Di and miss gracie