Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Last Minute

Yes I am still sewing away. I am getting closer to my goal. To day I finished seven pillowcases! 

The doggie pillowcases are for the three girls getting the doll clothes.  

The blue and white ones are for my grandson who goes to University of Kentucky, that is his school colors.  And last but not least are the two roses and hearts pillowcases for his girlfriend that we will be meeting.

I finished the three wool signs also.  Instead of useing batting in between the layers, I used Bosal interfacing double sided fusible. It is stiffer and gives more body to the small wall hangings! I only have two hangers at the moment but will try and remedy that tomorrow or Monday. Now I will give you a looksey....

 After all this I think I might have time for the girls to have one more dress.  Maybe a wrap dress! Chit chat later,Martha.


Lana said...

Merry Christmas...Lana

Lana said...

Merry Christmas...Lana

desertskyquilts said...

I'm impressed with all you've accomplished. And yet one more thing? You are an Energizer Bunny! Love the pillowcases.