Thursday, December 13, 2012

What I Should be Doing

What I should be doing and what I am now doing are two different things. Right now I should be wrapping the presents I have already made or boughten.  I should also be on high road and doing my American doll clothes. But no, what am I doing, procrastinating!!! I should be picking out small bright prints for those cuties. I should be cutting the patterns out by now!  This is what I have been doing,although cute.

This is one of three little quilt signs with wool
, to hang on the wall.

They all have a Santa hat on them and I was looking for something to make them more 3D .  I was looking through my stash and found 2 yards of this trim which I probably have been saving for twenty years. I think it will do the trick. 

Kim Diehl also gave a free little pattern out and I have that ready to sew also. Did not do the appliques out of cotton, did them in wool too!

A little embroidery will go on here too!  I think my  expectations are a little to high , but we will see.
Chit chat later,Martha.

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