Friday, January 4, 2013


Yes I have gone  missing in Blogland!  I went to visit my kids and grandkids for the holidays.  They try very hard to entertain us  while we are there. Even though it is nice to just sit and talk with them. They are very interesting adults,  even though they might not think so.

My son and husband took off one day and went to a sushi restaurant.  Apparently my son has discovered an interest in it and has visited several times. My husband likes fish but has never tried sushi. He loved it ! He said I would be in trouble if there was a restaurant around here. I said that I would not be, but that he would be doing his eating out alone.

They also visited an Oddities Resale shop. The kid that sells skeletons of  two headed animals and weird  medical oddities.  My hubby had a great time!

 This is a pic of some of my family opening presents.

We had a white elephant gift exchange between the adults and had some fun with that and decided to do it again this year!

On the way home we stopped at a cracker barrel to use a gift card a friend gave us.  We really enjoyed it good food and shopping,made for a nice break in the trip! We had never been to one before. Another new experience.

On the sewing front Pam Buda has her new sew-a-long on her blog Every Friday for six weeks I believe.

And just to show you that I have not been totally without a sewing project a pic of my hexagon quilt half way there!

Well all for now, almost have laundry caught up and mail read, grocery shopping finished. UUUGH! Chi chat later,Martha.

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mauer1996 said...

you need to post the picture we re-posed for..