Monday, January 21, 2013

Windy Farm

I have recently finished Pam Buda's ,  Journey Three , Windy Farm.  I had started thinking about how and why they name quilts the way they do. I know sometimes it is taking into account the fabric used. But then I kept staring at this one from a distance and realizes that from above or in the sky the squares might represent different farm  crops and roads between them. The pinwheels might be windmills.  So I put five crows on top of the quilt to help visualize  an aireal view. Can you find them?

The program always discusses making do and using up what you have already surrounding you. So I used what was left of the charm pack of Barbara Brackman's 1862 Battle Hymn fabric to make the fabric wider and to use it up.

Now all I have to do is stitch the birds down. 

So cold today! This morning was -15* felt like -30*. Stayed in , except to walk to mailbox because I forgot it was a holiday!  Chi chat later,Martha

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Ohh--I love your quilt top and I think it is great that you are adding the birds--great way to add some fun and decoration to the quilt!!!
we are getting very cold here tonight to--but not as cold as you!!
sending hugs to keep you warm--
di and miss gracie