Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Target


My husband and I went out on a little excursion just down the road a piece. We were going to try out the new shooting range  in town. I received a 9mm handgun one year for my birthday and have not shot it yet. So we went to give it a try. You should have seen me jumping every time someone shot. I never realized that they were so loud!! You would have wet your pants to see me!  I did not do to bad though.  I will show you a picture of the target, but you must understand that both my husband and myself were shooting….


All of the bullets hit our target and all of mine hit within the light grey and red areas!

To me the hard was loading the clip.


Well judy B. you are the winner of the Lori Smith quilt book. If you will e-mail your snail mail address I will send it right out. Mary Ann said number three and you are number three!!!

Will chatter with you later, Martha.

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Looks to me like you are a good shot--now me--I would of been outside the whole board!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie