Monday, April 15, 2013

Hexie Playtime

Yes I have been playing with my hexie's again.  I have been experimenting on what happens when you don't use just one piece of fabric to cover a hexie template. I am useing 1 1/2" hexies here.

First I drew a guide line from one point to another on one side of the hexie. You may want a bigger hole than I have here, in the middle of your hexie. It not only helps to make the pin in fabric and cardboard , but also helps you see fabrics seams. You will find out how that makes a difference later on.

I have sewn two  2 1/2 " wide  fabrics together and ironed seams open. Then I cut 3 1/2 " wide strip pieces ( 6 of them ).

I pinned each piece of fabric to a hexie template useing mark on template to align fabric seams.

I then trimmed around edged to 1/2 " around.

Once I have all six of mixed hexies and one solid center  finished, I then played with them moving around to see what I might come up with.

WAA   LAA!  I am now going to try three color hexies. I will get back to you later. Martha

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