Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Prairie Women

Yesterday we had our group meeting and many lovely things were brought for show and tell!  I have pictures! Unfortunately  not of every lovely thing but of some . I wish to share them with you....

These ladies are all so sweet , generous, kind and talented.  Believe me each and everyone!

Dawn Lietch shows her hexie mat.

This is Kathie Potter's  "Contrary Wife"  quilt it is done in wool applique and useing dwaibo fabric. Her creative juices were flowing!

This is Bunny Witt's hexie quilt from many years back. Someone gave her a paper template and said make a quilt  with no directions after that!  She must have been a natural Nancy Drew to find out the answers to that and solve the mystery.

Sorry that I did not capture them all , there were many more lovely things brought. Next month I will try to be more productive in getting pictures. Chit chat a little more later.

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