Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scrappy Sunday !

My hubby was trying to mess with my mind today.  He started to vacuum  the great room, a.k.a. the  living room and dining room area.  Doesn't he know housework does not come before sewing except in the dictionary!  Needless to say when he started to spongemop the area I told him to hold off as I was intending to do it anyway today. Can't let him mess with my mind too much! 

Anyway today is  Scrappy Sunday !   I have been working on finding ways to use my scraps from " Science Fair Quilt" by JayBird Quilts (Julie Herman).  Just can't seem to throw out perfectly good equilateral triangles.  However I do need a backround which I choose a one yard piece of a Buggy Barn print that reads a solid black but actually is a black two tone check.  When joined together, my triangles make a 4 1/2 inch wide half hexagon. So therefore I have cut six 4 1/2 " strips going width of fabric. That left me three 2 1/4 " strips for the binding I will need.

From the strips I cut my 8 1/2" by 4 1/2 " half hexagons for my table runner! Can't do that with an equilateral triangle ruler!  With a 60* degree ruler you must cut three to get the one I am cutting, plus you must sew them together!

Once you have everything cut you may begin designing your table runner.

Sew  them into rows  and lay the rows  next to one another or put onto design wall.  This is my design floor!  

Once you have all your rows completed and like whatever  pattern you decide upon, sew the rows together.

Next week we will take on quilting this and the binding of it.  I intend to leave the zig zag border , so make sure you come back ya hear! 

From one of the  remarkable talented quilter's ( Rebecca Anakkala ) in my area I recieved my" Elizabeth's Garden" quilt , or as most of you will recognise as my hexie quilt . Pattern is from JourneyThree of Pam Buda's Prairie Women's Sewing Circle.  I simply swoon over swirly feathers ,so cute! I hurried up and bound it so that you could take a peak.

This is my label on the back and the little tag is hanging freely.

Well all for now as the snow has started to fly again,chit chat later. Martha.

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