Sunday, April 7, 2013

Simply Charming Scrappy Yahoo Group

A new Yahoo group has been started  by Tara Lynn Darr, author of the book "Simply Charming". Both I and Karen Martin of MooseBay Muses Blog have joined  with many others. It is for those of us who enjoy scrappy quilts! Here, I thought we all did!

 I have  lost  misplaced my hexagons that I was working on last week .  I know that I shall find them, I even looked in my pocket. ( Inside joke) Not that I have nothing else scrappy that I am working on. For instance , my hexie diamonds which are scrappy, are just now getting put together with a black hexies.

Also if you look back a couple of posts I finished "Virginia's Star Quilt "  by Lori Smith.  So the remnants did not go to waste ,  I used some in Pam Buda's , Journey Three Quilt , A Light In The Window.  The blocks are 3 1/2 " unfinished churn dash blocks.

The red fabric was not in Lori Smith's quilt that I put together. However I liked it as an accent in this small quilt.

More likely than not I am working with scraps!  Well I must continue on looking for my scrappy hexagons because I have their borders picked out for my table runner.  Chit chat later, Nascar is on! Martha.

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So how did you like this Sundays race?????
I am so happy and proud of Danica--
she did really really great!!!
go girl go!!!
love all you quilty projects that you got going--
unfortunately I need to do some spring cleaning and hoeing out around here this week--
hugs, di and miss gracie