Wednesday, May 8, 2013

There and Back Again

This is a pic of my hubby and grandson in his apartment. Mr. Sew What is holding a quart jar of Moonshine which he received for his birthday from our  grandson.  I was told he had to go to a very shady part of town for this.

The energizer bunny waved goodbye to Minnesota after a 1 1/2 year stay and said hello to Sandwich, Illinois!

This is a part of Mumaw clan's heritage and quirky game playing. This bunny has been from coast to coast and taken a turn at visiting aunts , cousins ,uncles and siblings. If you are reading this son he is in your laundry room closet!

This is part of my grandson's desk.  My grandpa's last name was Cash.  Ever since  Eric was a teen he has loved all of Johnny Cash's music.

The day before graduation we took some pics and many more the day of graduation. Just thought I would share some with you.

Will chatter more later, must start the laundry now. Martha.

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My Mom was a huge Johnny Cash fan too--I came home from school everyday to hear him on the record player--along with some other old greats---
hugs, di and miss gracie