Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Searching for Inspiration !

Many times we accept the mundain and the every day, run of the mill stuff, because we might not know how to find something extra-ordinary and beautiful. Sometimes the extra expense and costs of something extra-ordinary is foolish when the ordinary will suffice.
When you need to stay warm any quick geometric quilt pattern will do. When you need to cover a spare  bed ;  just any same ole ,same ole,  block pattern will be all right .  When you start looking at patterns, such as " Mrs. Billing's Coverlet" and "  Lucy Boston's Crosses" it makes your heart soar and your imagination fly high with excitement. These are true heritage pieces of art done with love  that abounds from deep within these women.  In my lifetime I would like  to achieve something that would  make my soul quiver in such an accomplishment.

Quilting itself is a tension breaker  or a release from the everyday. I am blessed with that in itself. Everyday quilting is not a horrible thing. We all strive to do it better than we did it the day before. That is why we buy books and read them. That is why we take classes from others. That is why we gather in groups and guilds to talk about quilts with others and ask questions. The internet has awakened a whole new world of creativity and wonderment, that we did not know existed before. I would never be able to go to England and see the afore mentioned quilts in a museum.  But now ,  I not only have the ability to see pics, but to also purchase patterns.

On one of my soul -searching, pattern of my life hunts, I came upon a designer I had never heard of. (But you will soon revel in her achievements).  Her Patterns are lovely,simply lovely. May I add they are well within grasp of a budget minded quiltmaker also!! Not like the $155.00 for Mrs.Billing's Coverlet. Or the $130.00 for King George III.  Just for the pattern!!!  My favorite, though all lovely, is her" Mosaics" pattern.  This is for me, is  a life achievement . Hopefully that I might achieve it before I pass from this earth. Now I am going to share with you the sight to go to....

www.focusonquilts.com.au  The designer's name is Irene Blanck.
If you read his far down I thank you for your patience and I hope you are rewarded with inspiration beyond the ordinary.  

I will step down now, Martha, thank you again.

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Irene Blanck said...

Thank you Martha. Its lovely when quilters like my patterns. I am a "small time" quilt designer but the internet has done wonders for my patterns. The bonus is of course that I get to meet wonderful quilters from all over the world.