Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two Cuties

I had the opportunity to babysit two little twelve year olds this past week.  They were adorable and good company!  They did not get into any mischief and stayed by my side waiting for any loving and petting.

Their names are Sasha and Roxie.  They were very good company to have!

I also made up the apron pattern I recently purchased in autumnal colors with orange dot binding.

Pocket has orange dot trim.

Orange binding all the way around.

I have also made a purchase of two very good books.  One is "At Home with Country Quilts" by Cheryl Wall.

The second is "A Bag of Scraps" by Edie McGinnis.

There are some pages with very interesting history facts in this one. Younger generations should read this and appreciate what others have gone thru.   

I really do appreciate all of you out there who stop to read this blog and who leave a comment once in a while. You make me blessed! Martha.



and we are blessed that you post and have such delightful photos!
thanks and have a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie

kayla said...

those dogs are too cute.. and 12 years old!!! wow! love the blog