Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hand Stitching Slow Down

Yes I have been doing a lot of hand stitching and it has been crimping my style as it has really slowed me down! I finished quilting my "Hourglass " quilt and put the binding on it .

It makes a nice lap quilt for someone chair-bound, or just sitting and watching tv.

I also have been working at my "Hexie" quilt. I have been putting it on my backround. This top will be totally hand sewn. On the wider black side will be some hand applique. Only have to finish the two ends where they are pinned down.

Sue Carroll came by today and picked up two older sewing machines  that I donated to her for her volunteer work. She not only teaches women to make quilts at the local jail but other life lessons also . Not only that ,  but also to do something not just for yourself, but also to share and help one another and get along. Many of these lessons were never learned growing up with these women. Sue has a great deal of patience  to deal with these women and I applaud her. I do not have that patience so I am glad to help out where I can.
 I will chit chat more later , Martha.  Oh by the way homespun's hearth's blog  mentioned my blog on Nov .12th and I was so tickled.

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